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Modern and Easy to Pronounce Sanskrit Baby Girls Names

After our recent baby names Suitable for NRI Baby Boys, here we have some handpicked names suggestions for baby girls living abroad.
The newborn Indian girls’ names suitable for non-Indian tongues are listed here. I always try to list only short, easy to pronounce and rare names mainly originated from Sanskrit.

Top 10 Suggestions for NRI Baby Girls Names

1. Charmi:

Charmi is one of 1000 names of lord Shiva. The name is an epithet of Lord Shiva, the trinity God with a divine charm on his face. It’s also an English name. It can be considered as the short form of Charming or good-looking. (Charmin is an English Baby Girl Name)

2. Eha:

Eha is a Lord Vishnu epithet. It literally means the cravings or wishes.

3. Irisha:

Irisha is a beautiful name and it is associated with Goddess Parvati. The word Iri refers to wind and earth and hence the meaning of the name comes out to be the controller or goddess of wind and earth.

4. Keli:

It’s a modern name and sometimes spelled as Kelly. In Sanskrit, the name signifies earth. The name also means sport.

5. Rayi:

The name signifies the Goddesses Saraswati and Laxmi – wisdom and wealth.

6. Viha:

The name signifies a serene place which is out of this world, like heaven. It also means peace.

7. Zina:

Arabian sounding beautiful baby girl name Zina is the modified form of the name Jina which means Lord Vishnu. It is usually used for girls but it is also a unisex name.

8. Hesha:

The name means whole or complete. Also, it shows speed and strength.

9. Bodhi:

The name is inspired by Lord Buddha, the symbol of enlightenment and wisdom. The name also refers to a divine or spiritual awakening like Buddha who received it while sitting under the Bodhi tree. The name is known and respected worldwide.

10. Suri:

It’s an epithet of Lord Krishna in Sanskrit. In Sanskrit the literal meaning of the word Suri is a thinker, god and a chief in a group. It’s also a celebrity baby name and hence a great pick for modern NRI parents.
How did you find my selection of baby names suitable for new generation Indian Girls? Do let me know by commenting below. If you have any suggestions on Sanskrit origin and Trendy Rare names for Indian baby girls then please let us know

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