Rare 25+ Indian Baby Girl Names which do not end with A or I


Rare Sanskrit Baby Girl Names Not Ending with A / I/EE

For decades, Indian parents have been fascinated with the girl names that end with A or I. The trend is still continued and we wonder why? Even if you turn the pages of history, Latin and many other cultures have evidence that girl names ending with A or I are more popular than the names ending with other alphabets. Though 99% of Indian baby girl names follow this trend, let your baby enjoy a unique identity with a unique name. Here is the list that presents unique Indian girl names counter this trend. We will be pleased if you adorn this list adding more such names that don’t end with A or I.

Baby Girl Names: Which End other than A or I

Dhrishnu धृष्णु

When you are a brave person and you want your baby girl to follow the legacy gracefully, this name is the perfect pick for you. Dhrishnu means a bold or courageous personality.

Ekah एकाह्

The name has a spiritual significance. In Hindu culture, the name refers to a religious event or ceremony that lasts one day. The word Eka also means the prime goddess.

Gishnu गीष्णु

Many Indian parents want their daughters to select a creative career. Gishnu denotes a professional actor or singer or someone who chants Samaveda.

Juily जूइली

If you want to aromatize your baby girl’s personality with a unique name, this is a great pick. The name signifies a Flower.

Kashin काशिन

A rare baby girl name with impactful meaning. Kashin is used as an epithet for Lord Shiva, who resides in Kashi. It also denotes a shining or brilliant personality.

Kinjal किंजल

Quite stylish and beautiful sounding name which refers to a river bank or Lotus or flower of a plant.

Kuhu कूहु

The name brings out all the love and affection together, isn’t it? The cute name refers to the New Moon or the Cuckoo Bird that makes the kuhu sound. It also denotes Goddess Lakshmi

Mahiyu माहियू

For your active and happy girl, this name is the perfect gift for her naming ceremony. Mahiyu means a happy person.

Manasyu मनस्यु

You wished for an angel and God bestowed you with one. The name denotes the act of wishing or desiring.

Manayu मनायू

It refers to a wish or a prayer. The name reflects the traditional Indian essence along with a spiritual touch.

Manu मनु

As a parent, you must have wished for a smart and intelligent girl. This name completely goes with your expectations as it means an intelligent person.

Mekhalin मेखलीन

Want your baby to adopt the inspiring traits of Lord Rama? Here’s a suitable name for your little one. It is an epithet for Lord Rama or Hanuman and used in the Mantra – Om Mekhaline Namah!

Palaksh पलक्ष

Parents wish for a calm and composed baby girl and the white colour symbolizes the same. Palaksh is White which reflects peace and positivity.

Pranshu प्रांशु

The name is suitable for official as well a nickname. It symbolizes a strong or firm personality.

Ribhu रीभु

When you see the traits of a skillful person or an artist in your baby girl, the name simply becomes the first choice. Ribhu refers to an inventive or skillful person or artist. It also denotes a clever person.

Ridhm रीधम

When you find your life resonating with great rhythm after having a baby girl, this name becomes the perfect fit for the little angel. Ridham means the Spring season or love or affection.

Rishu रिशू

A cute name suitable for your baby’s nickname as well. It signifies an honest personality or the act of growing or rising. The name also denotes glow or fame which indicates a spark in the personality.

Ruth ऋत

A rare name found in the treasure of the globally cherished Sanskrit language. Ruth refers to an honest or brave person. It also denotes Sun or a luminous/worshipped personality. Ruth signifies a season as well.

Sajal सजल

A popular Indian name used for both the girls and boys. Sajal means water or rain clouds. It also refers to something succulent (full of water/fluid/juice).

Sarayu सरयू

When you name your baby girl after the popular and Holy Indian river, you can always anticipate a great flow in her communication, acts, and decisions. The name also denotes wind or air.

Shamyu शाम्यु

Another great example of inspiring Indian baby girl name which reflects a happy and fortunate personality.

Sharin शारीन

A god or person who is holding an arrow. The name is an epithet of Goddess Lakshmi and used in the mantra – ॐशरण्यैनमः।

Shreen श्रीन

Shree is associated with Goddess Lakshmi or Lord Vishnu. The name denotes a superior personality who is the first or foremost in a group. Shrina signifies night.

Tosheen तोशीन

An unusual but mellifluous name which means a Satisfied person.

Urveen उर्वीन

Here comes a blend of the unusual, traditional and stylish name. Urveen is associated with Urvi which means Earth. The name also indicates a river.

Yuvanyu युवान्यु

Yuwa or Yuva is used to denote a young or juvenile person.
All of the names above are original Sanskrit names and not made up or shortened names.
The more you explore our baby name lists, the more ideas you will get to name your little princess. Indian parents are highly inspired by Godly names and most of the Goddess names either end with I or A e.g. Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Kali and so forth. Most of the Indian names have Sanskrit origin and we believe in adding the ’Akarant’ or ‘Ikarant’ at the end of a name to call a female and this practice exists since centuries. Well, this list of unique names is definitely a breath of fresh air for the parents looking for baby girl names not ending with A or I. Do let us know your thoughts on the names and any addition to the list if you think in the comments.


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