Uncommon Indian Baby Girl Names Meaning Powerful


Rare Sanskrit Baby Names for Girls which mean Power/Strong

In old days in India, when a baby girl was born, old wives used to declare the birth by saying: “A Goddess is born” because from day 1 she is the symbol of divine power and strength. In Hindu mythology, many Gods like Indra, Ganesha and Durga symbolize strength and power. A name which means power/powerful is one of the top picks for newborn Indian baby girl.
From treasure trove of Sanskrit, we have brought you the best of best, rare and charming names which mean powerful.

Sanskrit Baby Girl Names Which mean Power/Energy


The name is clearly rare but possesses a huge power in itself as it means Power of God Indra


Aishya means the power, control or sovereignty. It signifies a supreme personality with immense strength and determination.


The name is associated with ‘Dev’ which means God. It’s a very positive name connecting a personality to spiritual essences. The name literally means a supreme or divine power.


This uncommon feminine name signifies a glorious and powerful personality. It also means wealth and majesty.


The name means pure, sacred or ardour. Someone with an immense enthusiasm or possessing a great splendour deserves this positive name.


The literal meaning of the name is a planet which attracts everything towards itself; for example Earth, Jupiter etc. and all of them have some power and influence on one’s life and personality. The name is associated to Lord Shiva.


It’s a short and cute feminine name with hidden strong meaning like glorious, powerful,

mighty and energetic. The name is associated with divine characteristics. All of these are Sanskrit meanings.


This uncommon name reflects the characteristics of a Lord who is powerful, energetic and possesses the capability to destroy the enemies or negative energy.

Ishaya / Ishayu

This name is related to Lord Ganesha and often used in the Mantra: Om Ishaya Namah. This name reflects a strong personality and means refresh.


The name talks about a powerful and strong person and it is associated with Lord Rama who is the symbol of strength. The name can be heard in the Mantra: Om Sahanaya Namah.


Sahuri means a mighty triumphant, powerful personality and it also signifies Sun. When broken into the fragments, the name Sa+Hu+Ri means the earth is very good.


Sahya refers to a personality which is a blend of sweetness and power. It also signifies triumph or conjunction. All of these meanings are in Sanskrit.


The name is related to the Gods Shiva (Shakraay) and Indra (Shakra) and both of them represent strength, might and power.


A power in a baby girl which comes with the birth can be related to this name. It means pleasure, strength, rule or inborn power.


It’s a rare and modern Indian feminine name with Hindu mythological reference. It signifies courage and power and also means heaven.
Sanskrit baby names never fail to impress and inspire as they are uncommon and possess very impactful meanings. The above names are perfect choices to say ‘Girl you represent all the divine power and deserves respect’ when the little angel enters your life. These names are all rarest and have various deep positive meanings that are enough to enlighten your baby’s personality and life.
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