Top 10 Indian Baby Girl Names Inspired by Vedas


Rare Vedic Baby Girl Names

Indian scriptures or Vedas are the treasure of knowledge and while digging into them, we have discovered some beautiful Vedic names for Indian girls. Many Sanskrit names are originated from Vedas and believe us, these names are not complicated to pronounce or difficult to understand.

Hindu Vedic Baby Names for Baby Girls

Adhiti अधिती

Someone who is dexterous in his or her domain or one who is surrounded or busy with the study of Vedas. The name signifies creativity, perfection and freedom.

Arsha आर्षा

The name has different meanings in different cultures. In Sanskrit, it means Vedas/holy text also the name means a sacred descent. It is an Islamic name that refers to the throne or crown. (Please also note, In German, word Arsh has a negative meaning.)

Gishnu गीष्णु

The name arrives straight from one of the Vedas, Samveda. One who chants Samveda is known as Grishnu. Also, the name refers to someone who acts or does professional singing.

Ishtahi इष्ताही

Ishtah+Ahim. Ishtah refers to the one who is worshipped, pleasant or God. The name signifies Lord Vishnu, the divine entity who is invoked by Vedic rituals.

Rigvedita ऋग्वेदिता

The name itself has Rigveda in it. It denotes a wise person who has the knowledge of Rigveda or someone who knows about Gods.

Rithvi रित्वी

Rithvi signifies delight or a scholar. It also means giving the right guidance to someone or a female priest doing Vedic Haven.

Trayi त्राई

ॐ त्रय्यै नमः। The name is inspired by the Sanskrit word Tri which means three. It’s an epithet used to remember Goddess Durga. The name signifies intellect and refers to the practice of taking three Vedas collectively.

Trishikha त्रिशिखा

Tri (three)+Shikha (peak of the mountain). It’s a moniker used to refer to Goddess Lakshmi. A divine entity that is mentioned in all the three Vedas. The name also denotes the top three mountains in the world.

Vaidika वैदिका

ॐ वैदिक्यै नमः। Goddess Lakshmi who is in the form of Veda or who knows Veda also goes by the name, Vaidika.

Vaidiki वैदिकी

The knower of Veda, a saint or wise person. It also denotes something mentioned in Veda or associated with it, Vedic.
Many Indian parents prefer naming their babies based on numerology, astrology, alphabets, trends or some other factors. In recent years, we have come across many name requests about Vedic baby names. We have already published a list of vedic names for baby boy. We hope this list will help you get more connected to the opulent Indian tradition and the positive meanings of these names influence your little angel’s personality.


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