Vibrant Indian Baby Girl Names Inspired by Nature


Uncommon Sanskrit Names which are Inspired by Nature

The search for unique names and revolution in the green movement has given rise to nature-inspired baby names. Nature gives us a vivid imagery and every element of it is a source of inspiration. For the parents who want to go beyond the same modern name trends and want to explore some meaningful and unique names, we have bounty of great baby girl name picks straight from nature’s lap.
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Baby Girl Names Suggestions for Nature-Loving New Parents

Adhvara आध्वरा

For the parents who are amazed by the wonders of nature and inclined towards the lush Indian tradition, the name is definitely a great pick. It refers to the sky or air.

Adrisha अद्रिशा

A girl as strong as a mountain can conquer the world. The name refers to the Lord of Mountain or Himalaya.

Aini ऐनी

Aini symbolizes a river and reflects life. The constant flow of new water and the capability to carry water and nutrients from one place to another is what describes a river.

Arnasha अर्नशा

Be it a brain full of wisdom or a heart full of kindness; Arnasha symbolizes the hugeness like an Ocean.

Barhisa बरहिसा

The magnificence of the name is as unique as its sound. The name denotes the natural elements like water and fire and symbolizes splendor.

Dhena धेना

It’s an auspicious and popular moniker used to denote an ocean or river and it signifies life.

Divija दिवीजा

Every parent wants their little angel to turn into a warrior to combat the real life challenges. Divi means sky and Ja represents Janma. The name means a warrior or someone born in the sky.

Edhina एधीना

A trendy and unique name with a touch of nature. Edhina denotes the Earth, one of the five basic elements the human body is made of.

Eni एनी

Your search for a short, cute and trendy name inspired by nature ends here. Eni means a river River and denotes the state of being active or alive.

Greeshma ग्रीष्मा

The name is inspired by the word Greeshm which denotes heat or warmth. It also refers to the summer season.

Ilika इलिका

A stylish name with a pinch of Indian tradition and an essence of nature is enough to embellish a baby girl’s personality. The name refers to the Earth.

Iraja इरजा

The name has a divine significance and a strong association with Hindu mythology. It refers to the daughter of wind or Lord Hanuman. It also signifies the God of love.

Juily जूइली

Want to make your baby’s life as fragrant as a flower? The name signifies a flower and can be a good choice for your graceful little angel.

Keli केली

A cute name with a positive meaning a cool, isn’t it? Keli signifies the earth or a sport.

Mauli मौलि

The name has a natural connection as well as historical significance. It’s a moniker used to signify the auspicious Ashoka Tree or someone chief. The name also denotes the earth or crown.

Mihika मिहीका

Here we bring you one of the sweetest and most beautiful baby girl names in the list. Mihika signifies snow or mist/fog.

Pravarsha प्रवर्षा

It’s a variant of Varsha which means rain in Sanskrit and Hindi. Pra- means excellent.

Richana रिचना

The name sounds similar to Rachana. Richana refers to the bright or radiant sky and symbolizes positivity or happiness.


If your name hunt seeks a unique but not too short name then Sarimana can be a perfect selection for you. It signifies wind or cool breeze.

Shikhagra शिखाग्रा

The name is inspired by Shikha which means mountain top. It’s used as an epithet for Lord Ganesha and part of Sahasranama: ॐ शिखाग्रनिलयाय नमः।

Trishikha त्रिशिखा

Tri means three and Shikha is top of a mountain. The top of the three mountains is Trishikha and it is also used to denote Goddess Lakshmi who is three Veda.

Urva उर्वा

The name not only part of other longer names like of Urvashi. Urva is a whole word and represents someone great or huge as an ocean.

Vanika वनिका

The name is inspired by Van which means forest/woods. Someone who lives in the woods is known as Vanika.

Veeha वीहा

A name which itself is a trend and closely intact with nature and tradition is always a great pick. Veeha signifies air or sky.

We all appreciate natural beauty and what can be better than adorning your baby’s personality with a meaningful name inspired by nature? The above names hail from the elements of nature like a forest, earth, water, sky and so forth. These names fit well with the modern baby name trends and usher a new set of choices. If any of these names inspired by the wonders of nature sounds a good pick for your wonderful baby girl, shower your thoughts in the comment section.


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