12 Smart Indian Baby Girl Names Exhibiting Intelligence


Sanskrit Baby Girl Names meaning Clever/Intelligent

In the era where Girl Power is highly believed and encouraged, the baby names that mean intelligent acts as the icing on the cake. As a parent, you must be wishing for happiness and prosperity along with intelligence for your little born, to celebrate this desire and spirit, we have brought it some unique baby girl names meaning intelligent for your child.

Sanskrit Baby Girl Names

Baby Girl Names Meaning Bright and Intelligent

Adhva आध्वा

Your child may be destined for great achievements and this name can surely grace his intellect and future. Adhva refers to someone intelligent.

Amura अमूरा

When you want your little girl to get a clear and sharp sight to see and understand every aspect of life, the name Amura becomes a great pick. It signifies someone with a sharp sight or someone wise.

Arthya अर्थ्या

The charismatic name sounds to have the potential to shape a great and wise leader. The Sanskrit origin name describes an intelligent personality.

Chetasa चेतसा

The name is derived from the word Chetana which means someone intellectual or alert. Chetasa refers to a girl who is intelligent or a thinking soul. The name also signifies a mind or insight.

Dhima धीमा

A variant of the name i.e. Dheema means slow which is a negative meaning. Dhima refers to a wise or intelligent person. The name can surely help your little one get prepared for a bright career and a wonderful life.

Dhira धीरा

The name is inspired by the Sanskrit word, Dhairya which symbolizes patience and calm. Dhira is a unique name which also reflects traits like energetic and courageous.

Dhisha धिशा

A variant of Disha. The name denotes the act of doing something mindfully. Dhi signifies Art and Isha means Lord. The Lord of Art is known as Dhisha. Also, the name means to praise someone or reflects a person’s magnificence.

Manishi मनीषी

A wise sage with a huge control over his thoughts and emotions is called Manishi. The name means a thoughtful person or an intelligent one.

Manu मनु

Manu has been described in Hindu scriptures as the first man or the first ancestor of human beings on earth. It also denotes a wise or intelligent person.

Medhavi मेधावी

The name is quite popular in different Hindu communities. A hardworking and intelligent girl is known as Medhavi. The name can surely vouch for your child’s bright future.

Medhira मेधीरा

The name is associated with Medha or Medhavi and means a person with a brilliant brain or wisdom.

Pradhi प्राधी

The prefix ‘Pra’ is used to signify superiority. Someone pre-eminently wise or Intelligent goes by this unique name.
India has a lush history of creating brilliant brains and you never know your little one may add up to this graceful list of popular names. When an uncommon name is pleasing to the ears and has a positive meaning, your child can go miles and win the battles of her life holding that name. These names can give a fair idea of your kid being a genius to the world around her. Our name list contains some traditional, some vintage while some contemporary names so that it can meet the name hunt of different Indian parents. If you find any of these names worth gracing your baby’s personality, do let us know in the comment section.
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    Hi Sapna,

    We are blessed with baby girl born on 6th Dec. Can you suggest some different names with options as below

    With start word of D or combination of my(Ravi) and Wife name (Mehak).

    Thanks and your names collection is just amazing.

    • Sapana

      Hi Ravi,
      For selected D-Names please check the star marked names here

      Marva मारवा
      Merva मेर्वा
      Mahira महिरा
      Maitra मैत्रा
      Manvi मानवी
      Rumra रूम्रा

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