Indian Baby Girl Names Containing Shree Adorned with Divine Grace


Baby Girl Names with Shree: Inspired by Goddess Lakshmi

The embodiment of grace and charm and symbol of wealth, prosperity, fortune and wisdom, Goddess Lakshmi is also known as Shree/Shri. She is widely worshipped in Indian households and Indian parents seek the monikers inspired by the Goddess to bestow their children with good luck. We have brought in an enchanting list of Goddess Lakshmi names for Indian Baby Girls containing Shree.

Sanskrit Baby Girl Names with word “Shree/Shri” in it

Abhishree अभिश्री

A powerful and complete name inspired by the Trinity Goddess. The name symbolizes someone glorious, enlightened or brilliant. Abhi means Too much, or greatly, so Abhishree means Greatly beautiful or greatly rich

Adhishree अधिश्री

If you love traditional names with a spiritual essence, here is a great pick for you. Someone who is at the peak of glory or fortune is called Adhishree.

Adishree आदिश्री

The name is as graceful as its meaning. Adishree refers to someone who is highly adored or dignified. Adi: Top/Most, So one can relate AdiShree to Most Beautiful or Wealthiest.

Aishree ऐश्री

Not only the name is stylish but it reflects spiritual energy as well. It’s a made-up name which means wealthy.

Ashree आश्रि

The name is आश्रि and not अश्रि. The name is not related to Goddess Durga/Lakshmi this simply means a sword’s sharp edge.

Atishri अतिश्री

Ati means extreme or very much and Shree refers to fortune and prosperity. The name signifies someone very prosperous.

Dvijshri द्विजर्षि

Straight from the Sahasranam of Goddess Lakshmi and lush treasure of Hindu tradition, the name implies a holy sage.

Itishree इतिश्री

Quite a poetic and beautiful name for an Indian baby girl. It means the inception or start of something.

Manshree मानश्री

Manमन is related to heart, desire or wishes. The name signifies a wish.

Parashree पराश्री

It makes a unique name with Shree, for your darling baby girl. The name signifies the holy river Ganga.

Sarvashree सर्वश्री

Sarva means all and Shree is Goddess Lakshmi. It is also the name of a popular Indian Raga.

Shreea श्रीआ

One of the unique Indian names that contain Shree. It refers to Goddess Lakshmi and signifies prosperity, auspiciousness and luster.

Shreeda श्रीदा

One who bestows with prosperity and wealth and it refers to Goddess Lakshmi who removes all the financial problems from lives.

Shreeja श्रीजा

Someone who is born (Ja stands for Janma) of Shree or Goddess Lakshmi.

Shreela श्रीला

The feminine name is definitely an auspicious gift for your little one being associated with the power of Shree. It means someone wealthy, happy, graceful or prestigious.

Shreemayi श्रीमयी

It’s another moniker used to refer to Goddess Lakshmi. It signifies a fortunate person. A girl who has been blessed with this name must be fortunate.

Shreen श्रीन

A royal name blessed with prosperity for your little angel. It denotes Goddess Lakshmi or the supreme being/first one.

Shreena श्रीणा

Shrin or Shreena in Sanskrit refers to the night. It one of the most powerful and beautiful names of the trinity Goddess.

Shreeparna श्रीपर्णा

The perfect amalgamation of Goddess’ blessings and rich Indian culture. The name also means a lotus which is associated with Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu.

Shreesha श्रीषा

The adorable Hindu name inspired by Goddess Lakshmi refers to the wife of Trinity God Vishnu. The name also denotes Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth.

Tarushree तरुश्री

A popular Indian name from cinema and television. The name is an epithet of Goddess Lakshmi. Taru means a tree.
Goddess Lakshmi is believed to be the remover of misery and monetary problems and every parent wants their children to prosper in their lives overcoming these hurdles. Hindu mythological names never go out of the trend. These names are powerful, meaningful and keep us stick to our spiritual ground. We hope you have found your favorite names among these wonderful and inspiring names of one of the Trinity (Tridevi) Goddesses in Hinduism. Also, let us know the name that has inspired you the most in the comment section.


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