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Easy to Pronounce Trendy Names for Indian Baby Boys

Most of the times, I get consultation queries from Indians living abroad, asking for easy to pronounce and short names for their newborn babies.
Not all the new Sanskrit origin names are suitable for a newborns living out of India especially western world. Some Sanskrit names are pretty difficult to pronounce for the foreigners.
But, the new parents always look for rare yet modern baby names for their children. Here are some suggestions which are suitable for non-resident Indian baby boys.
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10 Baby Boy Names: Short, Multi Origin, Stylish

Below selected short and stylish baby names are not only meaningful in Sanskrit but also meaningful in other ancient languages.

1. Meer:

The name reflects independence and leadership. In Sanskrit, Meer signifies an ocean and it means a prince/commander in Persian and Urdu. The name also has other meanings like peace and esteem in various regions.

2. Niam:

It’s a Sanskrit origin majestic as well as divine name. Niam means something which is contributed by God. In Irish context, the name means shine or brilliance.

3. Elay:

Yes, it’s a Sanskrit name which sounds like a western name. Elay signifies merry, joy or delight. You can relate the name to the English word ‘elate’. The name means uplifting in Hebrew culture. It’s the short form of the name Elijah which means Lord is my God.

4. Hesh:

It’s a simple name which can be pronounced easily and quickly. Hesh is a Sanskrit-origin name. In Western countries, the name is used as the short form of the name Hershel. Though there is no solid evidence, the name means loving is Hebrew.

5. Irin:

The name reflects power, triumph and courage. It literally means the warriors’ king in Urdu. The name is also used for girls in Greek culture.

6. Kyan:

The name has various meanings in different cultures. In Sanskrit, the name signifies knowledge or wisdom whereas it is related to a kingdom or majesty in Persian culture. In Hebrew, the name means God’s grace while in African-American context, the name means a little king.

7. Marsh:

The name may sound like the planet ‘Mars’ but it means a respected or honourable man in Sanskrit. The name refers to a land full of moisture/water in English.

8. Evan:

In Sanskrit, the name signifies earth. Evan means God is gracious. The name is a form of the Latin name John. It’s a popular name in the Western countries.

9. Shrin:

The name is associated with Goddess Lakshmi who bestows with wealth and fortune. It’s a made-up name derived from the name Shri and it means a wealthy person. Another word Shrina means night.

10. Ark/Arkish:

A cute, short name starting with the first letter of the English alphabet – a perfect pick! Ark word means Lord Sun in Sanskrit. Ish and Esh mean God. So Arkish or Arkesh means Lord of Sun. According to a mythological tale, the word Ark signifies Nova’s ship which was built to save his family from the furious flood.

The Sanskrit language not just offers a wide spectrum of meaningful and traditional names but many unique, short and modern names are also available in the store of this ancient and globally popular language. The above names are perfect for the modern baby boys who are born or live abroad as these names have the influences of various cultures.


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    I’m a fan of unusual names! It seems to me that the unusual name makes the child reach heights in life and always go ahead, despite the difficulties. Before choosing the name for my son, we carefully studied the meaning of those names that we liked with my husband.

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