Stylish Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with M 2019


Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with Letter M

Our hand-picked list of stylish Hindu Baby Boy names starting with letter M come from beautiful ancient language Sanskrit (Obviously). These are short, rare and easy to pronounce lovely m letter new names just suitable for Hindu Baby Boys to-be / born in 2019-20.

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Sanskrit Baby Boy Names Starting with Letter ‘M’

Manth मंथ

ॐ मन्थानाय बहुलाय वायवे नमः। Manth is Lord Sun or Lord Shiva. It also means devotion or thought or to stir something.

Manasyu मनस्यु

The original form of the name is Manasyu which means longing or desiring for something or someone.

Manan मनन

A sincere, peaceful or pious person. The name refers to a devotee or a sage-like personality with a strong focus.

Manich मनीच

Manich refers to pearl of a flower.

Manohrut मनोहृत

Man means heart/mind. The name is related to the word, Manohar which means that steals the life or gladdens the heart, impressing.

Manhan मन्हन

A great name to gift a baby as it itself means a present or a gift.

Mayusva मयुस्व

A powerful name for a bright personality. Mayusva means a ray.

Maharsh महर्ष

The name is related to Maharshi which means a great person. The name refers to Lord Rama – Om Maharshey Namah

Mahasvin महास्विन

A name referring to a divine and graceful personality. Mahasvin means a brilliant or glorious person, a splendid personality.

Mahin महीन

The name is inspired by Mahi which means earth. The ruler of earth or a king or prince or a great person is called Mahin. It’s also something that causes joy or the feeling of joy.

Mayin माइन

Someone who is artful, master or skilled in art like a magician. Also an illusory.

Manan मानन

Maan means honour or respect. The name signifies the act of respecting or honouring someone.

Mayan मायन

The god of love, can be related to Kaamdev. Someone who has no 9inclination towards money or wealth or indifferent to wealth.

Mayukh मायुख

The name signifies a radiant, brilliant personality. It means a ray of light.

Marya मार्य

A young man, one who loves or a suitor

Marsh मार्श

The name refers to Lord Amarnath, one who is elephant-head. A respectable or an honourable man.

Maham माहम

Maham is Lord Ganesha, Mahaan, Great personality or a gift. The name is used in the mantra ॐ महामनसे नमः।

Mahij माहीज

Mahi is earth/great and Ja means Janma or birth. One who is born of earth or born to the great is Mahij.

Mithil मिथिल

The name is derived from Mithila, an ancient kingdom in India. It’s also Lord Bhagwat’s name and used in the mantra Om Mithilapuravasinyai Namah।

Miransh मिरान्श

Ansh is a part os something. The name signifies a part of the ocean.

Mekhalin मेखलिन

It’s Lord Hanuman’s epithet and refers to a student too. Also used for Lord Rama and used in the Mantra ॐ मेखलिने नमः।

Medhavin मेधाविन

The name is inspired by the word Medhavi which means a brilliant or intelligent person.

Maitrak मैत्रक

The name is inspired by Mitra – friend. The name is also suitable for a person who worships in a Buddhist temple.

Mouni मौनी

Mouni is a name used for Lord Shiva. It also means ascetics.

Maulin मौलिन

A name with regal association. It signifies a prince or a king who has crown, a chief in a group. It also refers to something which turned upwards or has anything uppermost.

Makul मकुल

Mukul is related to the blossoming of a flower. It means a bud.

Maksharth मक्षार्थ

The name has an impactful meaning which signifies a dear child. Maksharth is the precious part of a mother’s heart.

Madin मदिन

A lovable person who is delightful, lovely or intoxicating is Madin.

Manaj मनज

Man means mind in Sanskrit and Ja is Janma. Someone who is born in mind. It’s not a suitable name as such.

Manishit मनीषित

Someone or something which is loved or wished by a person or people.

Mahaj महज

The name refers to a person from a well-off family or someone who is high-born or having a noble descent.

Maharudra महारुद्र

The name is associated with Rudra, a form of Lord Shiva. Maha is the biggest and the name means the biggest Rudra – ॐ महारुद्राय नमः।

Mahrishi महृषि

A sage, a yogi is known as Mahrishi – Mahaan + Rishi

Margin मार्गिन

Who guides people or a pioneer of something is called Margin.

Mitang मितांग

It’s a made-up name. Ang is body. Mitang refers to a person who has a well-defined body.

Mitin मितिन

Who governs, a governor. The name also reflects the moment in time.

Mitesh मितेश

It’s a madeup name which refers to a person with limited desires.

Mitra मित्र

The name literally means a friend, a companion. It also refers to the Sun.

Mithul मिथुल

It means a kingdom, a region of kings.

Mithresh मिथ्रेश

A person who doesn’t support violence, a peace lover. It also means warm or someone who acts as a mediator.

Mivaan मिवान

The divine rays or the sun rays coming from God. The origin of the name is unknown.

Mit मीत

Meet means a companion or friend in Sanskrit.

Mukilan मुकीलन

It’s a unique name which describes a cloud or an assemblage of clouds before the rain.

Mudit मुदित

The name reflects joy, delight and happiness. It refers to a person who has rejoice, who is pleased or delightful.

Mekhal मेखल

Originated from the mantra ॐ मेखलावते नमः। The name means a sacred cord and used as an epithet for Lord Ganesha.

Maitrin मैत्रिन

Derived from Mitra, a friend or beloved.

Monark मोनार्क

A king or emperor is known as Monark.

Mauktik मौक्तिक

The name is derived from Mukta which means pearl or moti in Hindi.

Mrigesh म्रिगेश

A madeup name which means a lion, king of jungle.

Mrinank म्रिणांक

A beautiful name which means the moon which is the epitome of beauty.

Mrinmoy म्रीण्मय or मृण्मय

Someone is born of earth or made of earth.

Mriduk म्रुदुक

The name is related to Mridul which means kind, soft. Mriduk also means soft like velvet or a gentle person.

There are plenty of auspicious m letter names in hindu culture. We have only chosen some uncommon and meaningful Sanskrit baby boy names starting with m for your little one. Be it the length, pronunciation or meaning – everything about the above names fit the bill in the modern scenario. These names are short, trendy and impactful. Do let us know your thoughts on these names in the comment section or suggest anything to improve or expand the list gracefully.


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        Hello please suggest a baby girl names starting with MA..her DOB is on June 12 2019.. please help with a meaningful and beautiful name for my daughter..

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          My name is Manoj and my wife name is srirajyalakshmi can you help me with a name .if we combine our both name the name should start with MA

          • Sapana

            Manashree मनश्री (Madeup from Man+Shree, Man: Mind, Shree: Wealth/Beauty)
            Manasija मानसिजा
            Mahija माहीजा
            Manishi मनीषी
            Manushi मनुषी
            Mareesha मारीशा
            Check the meanings in link shared before.

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    Hi , pls suggest baby boy name starts with “m” or “cha”. The name should be trendy and unique. Can you please help.

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