Rarest Indian Baby Boy Names Meaning Warrior


Indian Baby Boy Names Meaning Fighter

Baby boy names meaning fighter is one of the frequent name suggestions queries we get on GoMama247. Every parent wants their child to grow up as a strong person displaying utter courage and face challenges like a warrior. In Sanskrit, the words signifying a warrior are usually suffixed with Vir or Yudh. We have curated a list with a broader selection of baby boy names that mean brave or warrior/fighter.

Rare and Short Names Meaning Fighter/Warrior

Agney आग्नेय

This bold name is one of the top impactful and powerful names of our Indian names collection. Agney is associated with the rich Indian mythology and refers to Karna, the greatest warrior in the history of Hinduism. It also means someone born of fire.

Ayudhik आयुधिक

Ayudh means weapons or Shastra in Sanskrit. One who uses weapons bravely or a warrior or soldier is called as Ayudhik.

Ayudhin आयुधीन

ॐ आयुधिने नमः। With the blessings of Lord Shiva, the name has the potential to grace your baby’s personality with courage. It refers to a warrior or Lord Shiva who holds the Trident as a weapon.

Divij दिविज

Divya+ Janma. One who is born of the sky is known as Divij. It also refers to a warrior.

Irin इरीन

If your name hunt demands a Sanskrit bold name which is trendy and sounds western, here is a great pick for you. Irin is a royal name which means king of the warriors or a powerful personality.

Ishvas ईश्वास

The name sounds quite associated with Ishwar combined with Vishwas which means trust in God. The meaning of this Sanskrit name is a warrior.

Nirjar निर्झर

Someone who doesn’t accept defeat. The name denotes a strong personality or a warrior.

Parthiv पार्थिव

A masculine name which means the prince of heart or someone earthly. It also refers to a warrior. Parthiv is also the name of a former Indian cricketer.

Parshav पार्शव

The name can be associated with Lord Parshuram in Hinduism who was a brave saint. A warrior armed with an axe is also called as Parshav. In the Iranian context, it means the prince of Pershas or Persia.

Pravir प्रवीर

Pra is the prefix used to denote an extraordinary quality and Veer or Vir means a brave person. A hero or an excellent warrior or king is known as Pravir. It also denotes yellow sandal.


शार्यहन An unusual Sanskrit name which means a warrior. It also refers to an archer who has arrows.

Satvan सत्वान

Sat means noble, true or genuine. The name represents a soldier or warrior.

Sarath सरथ

Many a time, warriors are associated with the Rajput clan or community in Hinduism. The name refers to a Kshatriya or a warrior.

Sadin सादिन

A simple and short name for your little one signifying a charioteer/horseman or a warrior. The name can be associated with Lord Krishna who was a brave and wise charioteer of Arjun in Mahabharata.

Virin वीरिन

Vir means a brave or courageous person and Irin is a royal name which means king. The name perfectly fits someone who is the king of warriors.

Yudhan युधान

The name is inspired by Yudha which means war. It denotes a warrior.

Yudhma युध्म

Derived from Yudha, the name gives a glimpse of a bold and powerful personality or a warrior.

Yudhvan युध्वान

A few names leave a huge impact on people and this one surely is one of them. It means a marshal or warrior who never accepts defeat.

Yuvirin युविरिन

The name is inspired by Yuva which means young and Irin which denotes the king of warriors. Yuvirin will mean the same but trendier.

Yodhin योधीन

The name is inspired by Yodha which means a warrior in Sanskrit.

Yodhey योधेय

A variant of Yodha which symbolizes a courageous fighter or a warrior.
You must be on the top of the world welcoming your little bundle of joy. Be it carrying the baby for 9 months or thinking of an amazing and meaningful name after his birth is no lesser than a battle. To celebrate this spirit, we have come up with these unique and trendy baby boy names meaning warrior.
These names are interesting, have a bold command and easy to pronounce. Let us know in the comments which bold choice did you make.


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