Important Tips for Successful Breastfeeding


Breastfeeding success: Important tips for Indian Moms

There are many things to learn about basics of breastfeeding. It is important you follow the techniques, breastfeeding positions, and tips to get successful breastfeeding. Let us learn some basics and some important tips to make the breastfeeding comfortable and successful.

1. After Birth breastfeeding Tips:
1. Breastfeed the new born as soon as possible (1-2 hrs of birth)
No honey, No Sugar, Not even water: In India there is tradition of giving honey with golden spoon. Honey is one of most restricted foods for babies below 1yr. New born must be given only and only mothers milk  (Colostrum) nothing else.
2. Skin to Skin contact is very beneficial for new born as it regulates heart and keeps baby’s body warm naturally. Baby feels safe when close to mother. It will stimulate hormones in mother which helps start breast  milk production
3. Get the lactation consultation from certified consultants at hospital before you get discharge from hospital. You must know breastfeeding techniques, breastfeeding positions and common breastfeeding problems.
(Read more here for breastfeeding on first day)

Happy mother and baby
2. Your happy feelings make breasts produce milk. When you breast-feed baby, it triggers a flood of the hormone (oxytocin) in you that releases milk from your mammary gland.

3. On demand feeding: Do not watch the clock for feeding, baby may be hungry soon after a feeding so breastfeed whenever baby is hungry. AS much as you feed, milk production is better.

4. Comfortable position for breastfeeding. Learn all good positions of breastfeeding and experiment with it for finding which are comfortable to you and baby at different times.

5. Make sure baby is comfortable: you should not wait long to feed. If baby is crying she will not latch on properly and will result in more discomfort. Watch for early signs and give baby a comfortable position.

6. Bedding In: Always keep baby in your bed with you. In India mothers make baby sleep in cradles or swings. You may use swing/cradle once baby is 5-6 months and even after that as soon as baby is asleep take the baby out on the bed with you.

7. Keep a glass of water handy: You may feel thirsty during breastfeeding so either you should drink water before you start or keep a glass of water near you.

8. Do not cover baby’s face if he is not comfortable instead use a feeding apron.

9. Before you breastfeed, calm yourself and find a peaceful place to feed.

10. Listen to soothing music while breastfeeding. It is good for you and baby. It will keep your mind fresh for long breastfeeding sessions.

11. Talk to people who encourage you for exclusive breastfeeding. Positive thoughts are important for continuing breastfeeding without frustration. Talk to other mothers who are happy with breastfeeding.

12. Keep in touch with your lactation consultant for any quick help you may require.

13. Exclusive breastfeeding for 6months: Breast milk is only best food for baby. No water, NO FORMULA MILK, no solids not even dal-ka-pani. Baby’s digestive system is not ready for solid food before 6 months. Its a must-follow-recommendation by WHO (world health organization).

14. Do not give your baby bal ghuti/ gripe water/bal kadu/ glucose water/tonics for teething. Breast milk is not only food but tonic of brain and body development. Its all your baby needs. You should have healthy diet for producing nutritious breast milk while keeping yourself healthy.

15. Eat nutritious food rich in iron, calcium and high in proteins. Do not worry about your weight during exclusive breastfeeding period. Take soups/porridge/fruits/cows milk etc. in between main meals so you meet baby’s requirement of milk.

16. Say no to Pacifier and bottles: For a regular breast milk production baby must suckle breast so giving pacifier or bottle will reduce the suckle time and will affect breast milk production.

17. Introduce solids to baby once baby is 6 months complete. Read more: Starting solids to baby.

18. Sour nipples? Consult your lactation consultant and use hind milk after breastfeeding and let it air dry. Its the most effective and safest way to cure sour nipples before it turn in severe problem.
Read more on common breastfeeding problems.

19. Working moms: It is highly advised you get maternity leave till baby is 6 months old, as exclusive breastfeeding is successful with mother near baby all the time. Even after 6 months you should learn how to express breast-milk & store it for continued breastfeeding.

Above important basics of breastfeeding are very beneficial for new moms.


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