Immunization – Why is it Essential For Kids?


Why You Must Vaccinate Your Child?

As a parent, there is no greater happiness than watching you baby grow old into adulthood. With each step that he takes you careful plan his future, so that he never lacks for anything, be it a good education, a great lifestyle or basic necessities. However, in all these decision, one of the most crucial factors i.e. Immunization, which ensures that your child has a risk-free and healthy childhood, is often not given enough priority.

And the reasons for this might be many. You may feel that vaccines are toxic for your child’s health or that it might harm your child’s natural immunity. It could be that you are unsure about its effectiveness or as simple as not having sufficient knowledge about how vaccines work.

But, whatever the reason, by believing in these myths you are putting your child’s health at risk. Immunization is the safest course through which you can ensure that your child has a healthy and happy childhood and thus, by falling prey to these myths you are jeopardizing your child’s overall health.

Vaccines are not only safe and effective but they are also rigorously tested for safety by scientist and doctors before they are administered to a child. Thus immunizing your child is of utmost importance if you don’t want to put them at the risk of getting infected by a contagious disease.

Further, to help you understand the importance of immunization for your child here is a list of benefits that vaccine can provide for your baby.

Benefits of Vaccines

 Vaccination helps to strengthen your child’s immune system, thereby assisting your child in fighting off disease-producing organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and other harmful parasites.

 Vaccines are cost-effective and once administered it provides long-term health benefit

 It helps to prevent contagious diseases from being spread, thereby protecting not only your child but also your community from any sudden epidemic outbreak.

In addition, as your child grows old, it is invariable that he is going to be exposed to various infections & illnesses and as such by administering timely vaccination, you are ensuring that your child’s body has the best possible chance of protecting itself from dangerous diseases.

Moreover, despite medical advances, and worldwide immunization campaigns, there are some infectious diseases that still exist which can cause severe illnesses and disability in kids. And thus, vaccinating your child is essential if you want to protect your child from any complications that may arise from vaccine-preventable diseases.

So Which Diseases Does Vaccine Protect Your Child From?

Vaccine can protect your child from both viral and bacterial pathogens or disease-causing agents. The following is the list of contagious diseases that can harm your child if they are not effectively vaccinated
Polio – a virus that can severely harm your child’s spinal nerve causing paralysis
Tuberculosis – a bacterial infection that can affect your child’s lungs
Hepatitis A – a viral infection, which if contracted by a child can lead to jaundice
Hepatitis B – this virus is responsible for causing liver infection
Measles – a viral infection that can cause brain inflammation and pneumonia
Mumps – it affects your child’s salivary glands
Rubella – it can affect your child’s skin and lymph nodes
Typhoid – a bacterial infection that, if left untreated, can cause severe respiratory infection, intestinal bleeding etc.
Cervical Cancer – caused by Human Papilloma Virus, it affects girls.
Hib – a bacteria that can cause meningitis, pneumonia, etc in kids
Rotavirus – it causes diarrhea, dehydration, vomiting etc.
Diphtheria – a respiratory disease that can cause heart failure or even death
Tetanus – a bacterial infection that can cause painful muscle spasms
Pertussis – a respiratory disease that causes severe breathing problems
PVC – a bacterial disease that can cause infections in lungs, brain or blood
Chickenpox – a viral infection that causes itchy red rash and if left untreated it can weaken your child’s immune system leading to other illnesses.

There are vaccines available in India for all of the above-mentioned diseases and since prevention is better than cure, make sure that you vaccinate your child against each of these deadly diseases.

Further, if you are unsure as to a what age a particular vaccine needs to be given to your child, then detailed infographic on vaccinations that you can check out by the team is at

Comprising a list of 16 essential vaccination, this infographic gives you information on the name of the vaccine, why it is important for your child
and at what age your child needs them. Additionally, you can also download this infographic for free and keep it for your reference.

So now that you have gotten a clear idea of how major a role vaccine plays in your child’s overall well-being, make sure that you strictly follow your child’s vaccination schedule so that he or she can live a carefree life!


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