How & When to Get Baby’s Ears Pierced Safely?


Safe Method of Piercing Baby’s Ears

Being Hindu Indian, I had to get my boys’ ears pierced. Yes, you heard it right. It may sound strange to some while common for others. In India, there are various religious practices about kids, parents have to follow. In my tradition a baby boy also has to get ears pierced. Traditionally they say it should be on 12th day but is it right time?

1. When Should I get My Baby’s Ears Pierced?

Religious beliefs are all different starting from birth time to 3yrs old. But what do doctors say? When I asked my second son’s doctor about getting his ears pierced, Doctor clearly denied it. Doctor told me there was a chance of infection; a new born baby needs time to develop enough immunity power to fight with external object inside body. Not all but most of doctors all over world say safe age for ear piercing is after 6 months old. But in India we hear it is ok after 3 months old. There was difference in opinions by my 2 son’s doctors. So to reduce the confusion, talk to pediatrician of your child.
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2. What is The Safest Way to Get it Done?

Traditionally in India jewelers do it but in recent years medical practitioners have started piercing baby’s ears with special piercing equipment. They use medically certified earrings and equipment. Doctors know more about your baby’s ears than any jeweler. For my younger son I got it done by a doctor from Santa Cruz in Mumbai. Doctor applied a mild local anaesthetic ointment for 15-20 mins. But on time my baby still cried mostly as the nurses held him so that he would not move at the time of piercing.

3. What Type of Equipment is Used by Doctor/Jeweler for Piercing?

Jewellers usually use a plain gold wire after sterilizing. While doctors use a specially encapsulated cassette which is mounted on a piercing instrument. It is completely
safe as it is totally no-touch system. A sterile disposable cassettes is used to house the earring. The instrument is never touches baby’s ear.

There are various types of earring to select from. Not a wide variety but you have enough choices for little baby girl (and boy of course ;)). These are special gold earrings made for ear piercing only. So you don’t need to worry about what metal to go for.

4. What Care should I Take at Home after Piercing?

1. Keep baby’s ears clean and dry all time
2. Clean your hands and then clean front and back of baby’s ear with a cotton ball or a dry paper wipe dipped in solution you got from doctor twice a day. So for this purpose at the time of piercing get the cleaning solution prescribed by doctor.
3. Do not let baby grab and play with the ear/earring.
4. Take care while changing baby’s clothes. Especially inner loose threads in baby’s cotton shirt might get stuck in the earring.
5. Do not put any oil in pierced place (which is an usual practice by massage-jappa-maids). You can ask doctor for herbal solutions/oils to apply but mostly your doctor will prescribe medical solutions to apply.
6. Do not rub baby’s ears while giving bath even if they look clean and dry from outside.
7. Do Not remove these earrings for minimum 6 weeks.

5. What are the Signs of Infections?

Swelling, redness, pain, itching or drainage, or any pain, itching are signs of infections. Please visit your baby’s doctor in such cases.
Medically approved practice of piercing ears is surely costlier than the traditional method but safer too.
Always consult your baby’s doctor for any such things which can be risky for baby’s health. A precaution is always better than cure.


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