How to wear a Seat Belt while Pregnant?


Wearing a Car Seatbelt: A Guide for Pregnant Women

Wearing seat belt during pregnancy is equally important as wearing it in the normal conditions. But, there are some dos and don’ts associated with wearing seat belt when you are an expectant mom. Here is the right way to wear seat belt when you are pregnant.

What is the Right Way to Wear a Seat Belt While Pregnant?

• Shoulder strap and both the lap belt must be worn while driving or travelling in a car. Make sure both of them fit you closely.
• The lap belt should be buckled under your belly, over your hips, touching your thighs. Make sure the lap belt is not placed across your belly.
• The shoulder strap should be in the middle of your breasts and off to your belly’s side. The shoulder strap should never be placed under the arms.
• For a snug fit, the length of the shoulder strap should be adjusted if possible.
• Make sure your breastbone is at a significant distance (10 inches) away from the steering wheel or the dashboard.

Other IMP Safety Tips on Driving during Pregnancy?

Below are some tips to remain safe when you are driving during pregnancy:
• Make sure the journey is not more than 5 to 6 hours a day
• Do not turn the airbags available in your car off. Rather try to tilt your seat away from the dashboard and move it in a way it is at a maximum possible distance from the dashboard

Risks of NOT Wearing a Seat Belt

Car crashes can be fatal and a huge number of expectant mothers across the world go through such deadly experiences every year. There are various risks associated with not wearing a seat belt by a pregnant woman including:
• Early labor and breaking of the sac around the baby or premature rupture
• Detachment of placenta from womb’s wall
• Miscarriage

How Seatbelt Protects a Pregnant Woman?

Throughout your pregnancy phase, your own and the baby’s safety should be the top priority. Whenever you go out in a car, always wear a seat belt properly. After wearing the seat belt, your upper body movement is limited and in the case of crash, it keeps you and your baby at a significant distance from the dashboard and the steering wheel. Also, the force of impact is divided between pelvis and thorax ensuring safety.
Car crashes are the one of reasons for deadly fetus injuries. Wearing seat belt during pregnancy is a must but always check whether the seat belt is properly designed to ensure your personal and the baby’s safety during a crash. Some seat belts simply deviate from their position during crashes making the to-be-mom and the baby prone to deadly risks. Always have a word with your gynec specialist if you have any doubts on your safety.
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