How To Use Raisin To Relieve Constipation In Babies?


Raisin Water: Home Remedy for Constipation in Baby

Raisin water is well known for strengthening the liver’s function and is a natural laxative. One of the best home remedies for a baby suffering from constipation is Raisin water or puree.
I was told by my kids’ pediatric dietitian Dr Shama Kulkarni, when especially my elder one had stomach trouble during 8-9 months age.
Babies once start with solids may suffer from constipation especially when they are around 8 months and when they are already eating almost all foods in bland form.
Raisin water is a very good and safe home treatment to strengthen the digestive system.


1. How to make Raisin water:

The organic raisins that are sun-dried and without being adulterated with chemicals are very helpful in relieving constipation if taken in the form of raisin water on empty stomach. It flushes the toxins present in the body. To make raisin water, you will need the following ingredients:


Raisins (1 Tbsp) and Water (2 Tbsp)


For the Babies above 6 months (Below 1 year)

• Take 1 tablespoon raisins or dried grapes
• Add water to it and rinse it well
soak raisins
• Soak the raisins overnight in boiled/normal (2 Tbsp) water
• Strain the water in the morning
• Squeeze the bulged raisins
smash raisin
• Press the raisins well to extract the juice
• Take the raisins out the use around 1 to 2 tablespoon of the juice to feed your baby as the first food in the morning
• The quantity of the juice can be increased with time

For the Babies above 1-year

• Measure the raisins, add water to it and rinse it well
• Leave the raisins in the water overnight
• Transfer the soaked raisins in a bowl along with the water and pulse it properly
• Now transfer the pulsed raisins to a strainer
• Extract the juice from the raisins and take the raisins out
• Use around 1-2 tablespoon of the juice for babies after 1 year
• The quantity can be increased gradually

2. Which raisins are the best for this remedy?

Black dry raisins are the best for constipation as dark-colored raisins are organically dried grapes in sunlight while yellow raisins are mixed with sulfur dioxide and you can’t afford to offer anything to your baby that has chemicals in a significant amount.

3. At what age can you start this?

You can start giving raisin water to your baby at about 7 months.
Before that, breastfeeding moms can consume raisins.

4. Can I give this even when baby is not constipating?

Yes, but see the baby’s stomach health after giving it first. Also if your baby has loose motion tendency then avoid this.
For babies who suffer from constipation frequently give it as often as once in 2 days (Doctor’s permission is a must).

5. Do I need to boil it?

If you soak it overnight then not needed. If you soak it less than 2 hours then boil it for just 2 minutes or add boiled water to it and leave it for some time.

6. Health Benefits of Raisins:

Raisins are yummy and healthy. Drinking raisin water every day detoxifies the body and provides loads of fibres which relives many health issues including constipation. Some of the significant benefits of raisin include:
• Great antioxidant
• Purifies blood
• Cleans the colon naturally
• Improves cardiac health
• Helpful in acidity
• Boosts metabolism
• Rich in various minerals like Iron, potassium, phosphorus,
• Good for injuries in the brain
• Helpful in fever
• Antimicrobial properties

How Raisins help in Relieving Constipations?

• These dried fruits are natural laxatives
• Contain High amount of fibre and soften the stools
• Tartaric acid from soaked raising will remove toxic waste in the colon
• Provide you balance good bacteria and bad bacteria
Since babies are at a risk of tooth decay and raisins contain high quantity of sugar, too much raisin intake for babies may not be suggested by your baby’s doctor. However, raisin water is completely safe and healthy. You can give this regularly to your baby for better digestion and bowel movement.
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