How to treat Anaemia during Pregnancy or Breastfeeding


Tips on Avoiding Iron Deficiency in To-Be and New Moms

We have seen how Anaemia is common and very possible in Indian Women.
According to a survey done in 2015, the percentage of Indian women suffering from Iron deficiency was 59% while one survey done by a leading diagnostics chain in 2017 showed that around 51% (half of the Indian female population) of women in India are suffering from Anaemia.
In the previous post about Anaemia, we have already seen 10 iron-rich foods. Today, we will see how to add these foods in regular diet to fulfil the iron and haemoglobin requirements of a pregnant woman or a nursing mother.

How to Stay Away from Anaemia?

Have Mutton Liver Once a Week

Anaemia is a condition when your body suffers from the deficiency of red cells in the blood. Red meat, like lamb/mutton, boosts the level of red blood cells and improves your haemoglobin level. Mutton liver is a rich source of Iron and Vitamin B12. Both pregnant and breastfeeding women can digest mutton liver easily as it comprises of heme-iron which is easily digested by the human body.

Eat Beet Root Salads nearly 2-3 times a Week

beet root salad
Beetroot is a popular vegetable that fights Anaemia and fixes the Iron deficiency in the body. Every 100g of beet contains around 0.8 mg of Iron. Improved level of red blood cells results in a better Oxygen supply in the body. To make beetroot easy-to-eat and to reduce its strong taste, boil it just for 1-2 minutes. Steaming is better.
I usually shred the raw beetroot and microwave it for just 1 minute. This way, the time is reduced and nutrients stay intact. You can prepare beetroot+Carrot juice in mixer or make a great salad adding more nutritious and fresh ingredients to it. Beetroot is also beneficial for the liver and it purifies blood as well.

Spinach Soup: Maintain Healthy Weight + Iron Boost!

spinach tomato juice
100g serving of spinach provides 0.2 to 3 mg of Iron. Spinach is a magical ingredient for male and female of all ages. Though comprising of non heme Iron, Spinach is very helpful in boosting the Iron level in the body during pregnancy or during the breastfeeding phase. Spinach not only contains Iron but many other essential nutrients like phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins. Always prefer mildly cooked Spinach, neither raw nor overcooked, as it is easily absorbed in the body and all the nutritional values of it remain intact. Spinach should be taken with foods like tomato to avail optimum nutrients from this green.
Why and How to Make Spinach Soap: check the tips and recipe here

Red chana Sprouts Every Morning

Red chana (Bengal Gram)/Kabuli Chana (White Chickpeas) sprouts also known for being rich source of Iron. Per 100g serving of red chana contains 2.8 mg of Iron. White chana is also a good source of Iron. Half a bowl or 2 spoons is enough if taken every day. It’s rich in protein and very much recommended for pregnant women. For breastfeeding mothers, it’s not recommended as it’s difficult to digest. Avoid it for 1st 3-4 months of delivery.
Be it a pregnant woman or a breastfeeding mother; both need sufficient Iron in their diet to avoid poor haemoglobin. Rather than having one single iron-rich heavy meal like chana curry or beetroot soup only once a week, having such iron-rich natural supplements every day in just enough amount is highly recommended. Apart from the above mentioned iron-rich foods, you can also go for broccoli, lentils, peas, beans, oatmeal, strawberries, and to name a few.


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