How to Treat a Stuffy Nose During Pregnancy?


Nasal Congestion during Pregnancy: Home Remedies

Are you carrying around a tissue or a handkerchief all the time while pregnant? In case you are and you feel like it might be a big problem, Do not worry. A stuffy nose has been proven to be a sign of pregnancy. Moreover, having a nasal congestion all the time while pregnant even has a scientific name. The doctors call it rhinitis of pregnancy. There several ways to blow open the causes and treatments to deal with them.

Why do I keep Sniffling All The Time?

As mentioned before, stuffy nose is a sign and symptom of pregnancy. This condition can bubble up at any time during the pregnancy. Given the fact that the body changes during the pregnancy, women put on weight and the blood supply also increases. This usually results in swelling of the feet and hands. What many people are not aware of is that the increased blood supply also leads to slight swelling of the nasal passage. This is what causes the nasal congestion. It is called rhinitis of pregnancy in medical terms. However, it goes away after the delivery.
However, if there are a few other symptoms along with the stuffy nose, something other than the pregnancy might be causing it.
– If the congestion is accompanied by coughing, sneezing and a fever, you might have an infection.
– Sinus infections are common during pregnancy. If there is a yellow or green mucus oozing out, a sinus infection is at play.
– While expecting, your sense are heightened. They become stronger, more perceptive to things around you. Therefore, something that you were not allergic to before might manifest into an allergy. If you have an itchy throat or your eyes start to water along with your nose getting congestion, you might be having an allergic reaction.

How do I Stop Being Irritated by a Congested Nose?

There are several easy remedies you can use to tackle this problem.


– Use steam to decongest your nose. Take some hot water and put your face close enough to let the steam warm your face. You can also use a steamer vaporizer for this purpose. Not only will this get rid of your stuffy nose but also add to your pregnancy glow!

Nasal Spray

– Use a nasal spray. There are several nasal sprays available in the market for a congested nose. You can easily get them at any medical store. However, we recommend consulting your doctor before taking such medication.

Homemade Nasal Spray

– You can also use lukewarm saline water instead of a nasal spray. Put a dash of salt in purified Aquaguard water. After it dissolves, put the solution in both your nostrils and it will help provide you some relief. (Please make sure you take doctor’s advice before trying this remedy)


– If you own a humidifier, use it while you sleep so that the moisture in the room will keep the congestion away.

Sleep with your Head Uphill

– Use extra pillows to keep your head a little aloft. This will make it easier for you to breathe.

Stay away from Allergens

– Chemicals irritate pregnant women easily. The irritation or allergic reaction can result in a stuffy nose. This is why you should keep a distance from heavily polluted areas, cigarette smoke, paint, thinners, alcohol, etc. which is any ways very harmful during pregnancy to you and your baby.


-Movement of the body also help the blood supply and relieves a stuffy nose. Thus, go for a walk or a stroll and keep doing moderate exercises to keep away from rhinitis of pregnancy.

See your Doctor

– If you feel like the congestion is causing major breathing issues or might be a sign of a severe allergy, consult your doctor for appropriate medication.

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful yet tough times in a woman’s life. A stuffy nose while pregnant seems like a bother but in the end; it is something you forget you endured entirely after you have your precious little ones.


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    I support every point listed above, most especially the allergens part. I have a fiancee that gets affected by dust. The perfect solution for her is to stay far from dusty environment hence her nose gets stuffy. Thanks for the post.

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      Hi Arnold.
      Thanks for your comment. Dust allergy is very common and anyways one should stay away from dusty environment.

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