How to Tone Saggy Breasts After Pregnancy: Blissful Secrets


Tips to Make Breasts Firm After Breastfeeding

After all the painstaking moments of giving birth to a child, which is a big blessing, there are physical changes that will occur. A lot of stretch marks on the body will start to show up. It also gives you back pain since giving birth weakened your abdominal area. The size of your breast will change because it will be filled with milk after childbirth. Eventually, the breast will sag, and it will make the mother feel uncomfortable.
Did you know there is a way on how to tone up saggy breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding? Fat is one of the tissues that composes the mammary glands, and as we all know we can burn fat through series of exercises.
Of course, it will take a while to tone it up and be back into shape. You won’t even waste your money for surgery to have perky cups.


There isn’t much equipment needed for the following exercise because you can do this at home and some movement just requires your body weight. If you want to do it in the gym because you don’t have a particular space and need more equipment that you don’t have in your house that is fine.

Yoga or Exercise Mat

yoga mat
This is to give you cushion and comfort rather than lying down on hard flooring.


If you have baby dumbbells that around 2.5 to 5 pounds, that is already enough.
If you decide to workout at the gym instead of in the comfort of your home, then there is much more you can do since there will be more equipment available for you.

Before Anything Else

We just want you, our readers and fellow community, to be safe. Consult your doctor before doing any physical activities before pursuing any physical activities after giving birth and during breastfeeding. Just like mentioned earlier, the abdominal area after giving birth will be weakened for some time causing you to have back aches.
Another thing is if you’re looking to boost your cup size, this won’t do the trick. It will just tone up your saggy breast after giving birth.
If you experience breast milk leakage while doing these exercises then you might want to wait for a first few weeks of exclusive breastfeeding period before starting these exercises.

How to Tone Saggy Breasts?

Before every working out, don’t forget to do some warm-ups like jumping jacks, or jogging in place. If you’re in the gym, go ahead and do a 10-minute warm-up on the treadmill or the spinning bike


• You start off with a plank position keeping your back straight, and your toes pointed to the floor
• Have your hands a little bit outside the shoulder width. The narrower you go, it will put stress on the triceps
• Go down and make sure your chest touches the floor
• Lastly, push-up and that completes a rep.
• Do this for 12-15 reps of two sets.

Dumbbell Fly

dumbbell fly
• Grab two dumbbells and lie down on a bench or a balance ball.
• At the starting position have your palms facing each other while holding the dumbbell
• Lower it to a comfortable stretch or until your hands are parallel to your body
• Lastly, bring it up with until your palms or dumbbells touch each other.
• Don’t push it up, imagine hugging someone and that is how the motion is supposed to be.
• You may also do two sets of 12-15 reps.

Bench Dips

bench dips
• Sit perpendicularly on the bench while your hands holding the bench with a width outside your shoulders. You can have your feet on the floor, or you can place it on top of another platform. If you are going to put your feet on the floor, the further your feet are away from you, the more challenging this exercise will be.
• Lower yourself down until your arms reach a 90-degree angle.
• Then push yourself up and make sure you lock out your arms to achieve full range of motion.
• You may add weight by putting a weight plate on top of your legs or placing a dumbbell in between your thighs.
• Do this for two sets or 12-15 reps.

Bench Press

bench press
• Lie down on the bench and grab with you grip a little bit outside of your shoulder width.
• Rack the bar off and lock out your arms first before lowering the bar.
• Lower the bar slightly right under the breasts to engage the majority of the pectoral muscles.
• Lastly, explode up until your arms are locked out to the top.
• If you don’t achieve the full range of motion of this exercise, you are prone to have tendonitis on your elbow.


Even though you’ve been working hard to tone your saggy breasts, you still have to watch out for your diet. If you consume too many calories, you will gain weight and might even make your chest sag even more.


The way on how to tone saggy breast after pregnancy and breastfeeding would take patience. Don’t rush things up, and take surgery into consideration. I know that being a mother is sometimes painful experience, but nonetheless, a blessing to give birth to a child. It is why we should remember the pain that our mothers went through just to give us the gift of life. If you liked this article, please share it with you friends.
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