How to Teach Fire Safety to Children?


Fire Drill Exercise for Kids

A few days ago, I attended a Fire Drill at the Apartment I live in. There are hundreds of flats in my apartment and hardly 10 people showed up. We often brush aside these basic safety measures. Most of the adults don’t know how to operate a Fire Extinguisher. How will we teach our kids about Fire Safety?
We cannot take everything for granted. We use so many electrical devices in our houses; we never know even after we take care, we may face accidental fire some day. The Fire Safety training can help a person save their near and dear ones and the rest of the people around from the hazards and the panic situation.

Learning and Teaching Fire Safety Instructions

Cooking Measures

Most of the home fire cases are caused due to unsafe or incautious cooking. When parents or adult family members are cooking, children must not come near the oven or try to touch the microwave or stove. Trying to operate or regulate the stove/oven/microwave is a big NO NO for children.

Quench the Candles

A lighted candle can cause more damage than a person can think. Always try to keep the candles away from the combustible location, substances and containers. Make sure you have blown out the candles before leaving the room.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are must-haves for every home and commercial complexes. But, just having a smoke alarm may not be enough. Make sure the alarm is well functioning and you got alarms at every level of your home. Most of the damages are caused by fire when people are asleep. Place these alarms in the sleeping areas as they can reduce the probability of causality by 50 percent. Teaching how to respond to the fire alarms and get out of the house immediately to the children in the early years enhances their chances of staying safe in the future.

Keeping Matches and Lighters Away

First of all, the matches and the lighters or anything inflammable is not something to play with. Keep all the inflammable accessories out of your children’s access to ensure safety.

Fire Escape Practice

Learning the fire safety tips in the early years and implementing them for the first time when the fire is out of control is not at all a smart idea. Help your children practice these safety measures in the childhood only. The faster and more active they become in the hazardous scenario, the better chances of escaping safely they will have later. You can make use of stopwatch or some other accessories to control their activeness, common sense and speed in the case of uncontrolled fire. Also, always try to make two way plans or Plan A and Plan B to avoid befuddlement.

Electrical Appliances

Be it a fireplace, a heater, outlets or cords – ask your children stay away from these things when no adult is around. Try to fix the kaput appliances as soon as possible if kids are at home for a safe environment.
Learning fire safety tips is very necessary for young people to avoid the damages during fire emergencies. Teaching children the elementary fire safety tips not just saves their own life but helps the other people around to stay safe and follow these tips dedicatedly as well.


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