How to Take Care Of Your Crawling Baby?


Must To-Dos When Your Baby Starts Crawling: Guide For Indian Parents

Taking care of a baby in India differs than that in rest of the world due to the climate, hygiene and lifestyle.
Most of the Indian houses have marble flooring which is totally baby-unfriendly. Crawling on a marble floor is not at all healthy and safe for those gentle knees. So, especially focusing on the knees and the movements as they are the parts of crawling, here are the top 5 must-do things for Indian parents when their baby starts crawling.

What to Do When Your Baby Starts Crawling

1. Knee Pads/Guards

Babies believe in the ‘My Life My Rules’ theory and no matter how strictly you try to keep them close to their bed, crib or cage; they will put their best efforts to crawl some laps on the floor. Do you have marvel flooring? Well, worries may double in that case as the mfloor is too hard for gentle and developing baby-knees. However, you can always be a smart parent and protect the gentle knees of your little soldier with Knee Guards or Pads. Use these knee pads:

These knee pads are safe and comfortable. They are made of soft fabric but babies gonna say NO to these wonderful stuffs like they use to do for some healthy foods. Try to keep these pads stuck to your baby’s little and soft knees or try to convince them that these are his armors as he is the little warrior of the home.
One problem which is commonly faced by most of the Indian moms who do not make crawling baby wear diapers resulting in frequent wet knee pads. Wet knee pads will throw the wrench into the works. Well, in that case you got an alternative. You can go for the pants with anti-slippery knee pads attached to them. Creating soft knee pads at home is also not a bad idea. You can save some bucks and get tailored designs.

2. Try the Play Mats

Babies will go on their favorite roller-coaster rides throughout the day but you can do one thing to ensure his safe and soft landing – bring a good play mat home. It’s difficult to guard your baby’s knees and palms. Play mats offer a cushy surface for the landing and save your baby from the falls and bumps. And, try to buy a crawler-friendly non-toxic play mat as you may also be concerned about his health along with his soft landing. You can clean these mats easily and the bright colors and designs on the mats will keep the little crawler engaged.
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3. Baby-Proof Your Kitchen

If you have a crawling baby at home then just making your kitchen fireproof may not be enough; you need to make it child-proof as well. There are many small things like glass jars, oven, knives and edgy utensils that can harm your baby. You can make wall-shelves, install magnetic locks on the shelf doors and keep the heavy, edgy or easily breakable utensils on the top shelf. Also, you can create an enclosed play zone for him so that he stays at one place while you are busy and make him play safely.

4. Keep the Baby far from the Electronic Exposure

One of the most dangerous things at home is electronic devices. Whether you are at home or not, keep the electronic devices at a significant distance from the baby. You can keep them in other rooms but not in your baby’s room. Not only the electricity is the threat but the hidden germs and bacteria residing on the electronic stuff like TV remote and mobile chargers can affect his health. So, keep them far away from your little one.

5. Avoid Carpets

Babies have an undeveloped immune system and hence they are more prone to illnesses than the adults. Do not place the carpets on the floor of your baby’s room or his playing zone. The carpets contain dust and are houses of germs that can make your little one sick.
When a baby starts crawling, along with the sheer delight comes a big responsibility. You need to take all the essential measures to keep him safe and healthy. You can follow the above tips and provide your baby a secure and healthy environment.


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