How to Tackle The Busy Week Mornings?


Easy Tips for Mommies to Make Busy Mornings Easier

Mornings are the busiest for any mother as not only she has to get kids ready for school but also needs to prepare tiffins for both kids & husband. Every morning I wish I had 4 more arms for help as it really becomes hectic and stressful to keep up with the time & get things ready on time. I will share a few tricks to help you manage your mornings in a better manner.

Plan you’re the entire week’s morning tiffin menu on the weekend itself
I sit on Sunday afternoon with a pen & paper thinking about what kind of week is coming by & whether there are any holidays in the following week. I mark the days on them & then think about what I would like to make on specific days. I list out the tiffin items that I would like to pack for the kids & my husband.
weekly menu

Make a chart & list out the items to be prepared
I draw a chart just like a time table we used to draw while in school. I mar all the days in columns & then start writing down the tiffin items for specific days. I leave an additional column just below so that I can write down about the preparation that can be done the previous evening like preparing Dosa/Idli batter or soak beans/Rajma or make dough in advance. I stick this chart onto my refrigerator as a ready reckoner so that I can look at it whenever I want.
to do list

Check out the recipes well in advance
As we all know that seeing the same stuff in the tiffin boxes can put anybody off easily so there is a need to keep trying new variations and to do so nowadays we rely heavily on the internet. I would advice that you should check out all the recipes in detail on Sunday itself so that you can make a note of any preparations that you could do in advance to make it convenient for you. It also gives you a chance to go to the grocery store to buy the ingredients if the recipes demands.

Give yourselves ample time to refresh in the morning
I usually get up half an hour before the time that I schedule to start my work in the morning. I take that half an hour to freshen up and enjoy my morning cup of tea in the balcony enjoying fresh morning breeze. I also ensure that I do at least 5 minutes of stretching exercises so that I am ready for the next couple of hours of heavy duty work without complaining.

Discuss the next day’s menu with the kids
decide menu
While having the dinner, make sure to discuss the interesting item that you are going to make the next morning. It is sure shot tried & tested idea to get your kids up on time & also get ready without you getting involved much. It works as the best disciplining tool for kids. In an anticipation that their lunch boxes will get something interesting, kids will get up the moment alarm will go off and you wouldn’t have to cajole them too much.

Keep the tiffin boxes and water bottles separate
tiffin n water bottle
After finishing your dinner, just take 5-10 minutes of your time & take out the tiffin boxes, cutlery, bottles etc either on the corner of your kitchen top or on the dining table so that when the dishes are ready, they can be immediately packed without any hassels.

Give yourself ample time to relax & de-stress
relax at night
I usually wrap up my dinner by 8 PM or sometimes max by 8:30 PM and retire to bed by 9:30 PM. I make sure that I get my 8-9 hours of sleep. More than anybody, it you who needs that kind of sleep as you are on your toes the entire day. So do not feel bad if you sleep early as your tired body & soul needs that kind of rest.

woman destress
During weekends, give yourself some pampering. Go out for a pedicure, manicure or a massage, for you need it the most, the pillar of the house. Don’t feel guilty; you deserve every bit of this luxury. It will help you get that kind of energy that you would need to tackle the coming busy week.
These were a few of my tried & tested tips which beautifully works for me & I sincerely hope & pray that they do for you too my dearest mommies. Best of luck!


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    “While having the dinner, make sure to discuss the interesting item that you are going to make the next morning. It is sure shot tried & tested idea to get your kids up on time & also get ready without you getting involved much. ” – Loved this!

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      Dear Sakshi, Thanks for your appreciation & keep that coming as it helps me write bigger & better. Keep reading

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    Hey Smita, this is really going to help me. Thanks. I am not organised specially when it comes to morning…

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