How to Start a Call Center Job from Home?


Work from home – Call center agent in India

If you are a new mom and want to work from home so that you can be with your new baby all time then you can take advantage of this home-based call center job. It could be a customer care, technical support, sales or marketing. If you have experience of working as a representative like a receptionist or you have very good communication skill and command over English / local language / foreign language then this is a very good opportunity to work from home and earn well. Let us see basics of call job at home and how you can find such job.

Who is a call center agent?

A call center agent handles incoming or outgoing calls from/to customers of a company.
Inbound Call center agent: Call center agent receives calls from new/existing customers. E.g. customer care of household appliances etc.
Outbound Call center agent: Call center agent calls new or existing customer for promotions of product/services, surveys, verifications, quality assurance.
Virtual call center agent: Virtual call center agent is geographically separated from call center office.
They usually work from home with a simple call center set up.

What types of calls are handled at a call center?

• Customer service
• Technical support
• Sales or telemarketing
• Verification
• Quality assurance
• Reservations
• Surveys
• Bilingual: Interpretations
Depending on your expertise and interest you can select the category.

What do you need to learn to do call center job successfully?

1. The most important is the communication skill. : Not only the English or the other language skills but you need to have an impressive and easy to understand accent.
2. Learn how to handle an angry customer, being polite, and improve skills on the engaging customer to your call.
3. You will require detailed knowledge of product or service you will be handling calls for.
4. Search and learn from youtube videos.

Best call center job for a mother

An outbound job may be best for you are you can make calls at your convenience (not always though)
You may approach a new and small company and offer them their virtual call center. Like an online shop or any kind of service. If you are successful and your customers are happy you can expand it by involving other housewives and getting more clients.

What do you need at home for Virtual call center agent job?

A quite and separate room/area in your house where you can work undisturbed.
Equipments: Sometimes call centers provide the equipment or you can set up your own.
Telephone (landline connection)
Laptop/Personal computer
Broadband internet connection
Email account and account on instant messaging like skype etc. whatever employer company uses.
Find work from home call center job at sites like these:
Working solutions 
Alpine Access 
Live Ops 

Call center job is easy to start yet challenging sometimes. You should prepare well before starting to work. Select a field of your interest so you stay motivated to continue.


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