How to Sooth Mosquito Bites in Babies and Toddlers?


Home Remedy for Mosquito Bites in Babies

It’s not possible to avoid mosquito bites completely, be it the babies or adults. Also, it’s not advisable to use mosquito repellent every day/all the time. The babies are sensitive to skin cream used to repel bugs.
So, what to do when your little one gets a mosquito bite?

Easy and Safe Remedies for Bug Bites

Home Remedies especially for the mosquito bites in babies below 6 months + older kids

1. Ice Pack

Most of the medical experts suggest using ice-pack on the bug bite/mosquito bite. The use of chemicals is not advised until any sever rash or reaction seen, usually. Keep one small ice-pack in the freezer and use it on baby’s affected area.

How does ice work on bug bite?

Applying crushed ice or ice pack to the affected area to make it numb and reduce the inflammation can be your best bet. It may not be the permanent solution but at least will provide temporary relief from pain and inflammation.
Ice is the safest remedy for such bug bites and injuries in kids.

2. Aloe Vera

The anti-inflammatory or soothing property of aloe vera is known to everyone. It cuts down on the irritation and soothes the infection. Aloe Vera is the least allergen and therefore completely safe for the application on baby’s soft skin. Make sure you apply fresh Aloe Vera pulp instead of the market products that contain chemicals.

Skin Ointment for Kids above 1-year-old

Once kids start regular outdoor playing, the chances of bug bites are higher, not every time you will be able to sooth it with aloe vera or icepack.
Get skin soothing cream/oil e.g. Suthol by Boroline etc. prescribed by your child’s doctor to use only when icepack/aloe vera is not helping and kid won’t stop scratching.

Why not to use other Natural Remedies like Baking soda/Vinegar?

These kinds of natural remedies like Baking soda/Vinegar/even lemon can be too intense for small kids’ sensitive skin, which can make it dry and irritate after application. Use them only if your medical advisor has recommended any specific

Tips to Avoid Mosquito Bites in Babies

1. Use Mosquito nets as much as possible. It is must at night and at daytime naps.
This is the best way to ensure the least mosquito bites without any side effect.
Use these tent type mosquito nets. Very easy to use and fold.
2 Distract the child and avoid letting them scratch the bites.
3. Though it is difficult to hold the active children when they want to go outside; if possible, make them stay inside the house during dusk and dawn. These are the times when the mosquitoes are most active and the chances of attacking are pretty high.
4. Defend your house by applying screens to the windows and doors to prevent the mosquitoes from coming inside.
5. During the hours when mosquitoes are most active, try to cover your child with loose and long sleeve clothes and closed shoes with socks.

When to see a Doctor

If you observe any of below symptoms then please contact your doctor ASAP
1. Fever
2. Headache
3. Unusual Redness and swelling or unusual rashes
4. Restlessness and crying

Possible Sickness due to Mosquitos


Malaria is mainly caused by the parasites called Plasmodium falciparum that is carried by specific mosquitoes known as female Anopheles. The spreading of the disease occurs when these mosquitoes transfer the parasites from an infected person to a healthy person. These parasites mainly grow and reside in liver and gradually transferred to the bloodstream. The damage of the blood cells is the ultimate risk once these parasites start growing in the blood.


Dengue is a common mosquito-borne disease caused by Aedes mosquitoes. Like many other infections, Dengue has symptoms like fever, headache, rashes on skin and pain in joints/back/eyes.


Chikungunya is caused by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes also known as yellow fever mosquitoes and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes. These mosquitoes mainly bite during the daytime and they are found mostly near the stagnant water. It takes 2-12 days to develop the symptoms of the diseases after being bitten by the mosquito. The illness is temporary and the suffering period is very short but the symptoms can be from mild to severe. Fever and joint pain are common symptoms of Chikungunya.
Mosquito-borne illnesses are very common nowadays. Children, pregnant women, and aged people are the most affected by such diseases. These diseases may not be limited to causing minor symptoms like other infections. The results may even be fatal sometimes. The above-discussed measures can not only help you secure your child from the bugs but ensure protection for yourself, your family and surrounding as well. You can avoid stagnant water and heaps of garbage in your surroundings, protect your home using non-harmful chemicals and use essential protection at windows and doors and keep your children safe by choosing the right protective clothing when they go out.


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