How to Reduce Swelling of Ankles during Pregnancy?


Product Review: Mom’s Natural Cooling Cream

Restless legs during the pregnancy seem like a curse? Well, that’s a part of the blessings you have received. Almost all the mommas-to-be go through this pain and look for a crutch to get rid of the puffy feet. Mom’s Natural Cooling Cream for Ankles can be a great solution for the swollen ankles. It’s an effective cream accepted by many Indian women during pregnancy. It smoothens and pampers the skin and offers a great relief from the immense pain.

The Science behind the Swollen Ankles during Pregnancy

The swelling in the ankles is pretty common during the pregnancy phase. It is scientifically known as Edema. The pregnant women go through a really tough phase. Finding it difficult to wear shoes or put the feet on the bed as there is severe pain and tiredness all the time. It’s not only the ankle that swells during pregnancy but most of the body parts seem fluffy. Wonder why? Usually, the Edema knocks the door after 22 weeks of pregnancy and lasts till the childbirth. Edema is usually caused due to the accumulation of the body fluid in your tissues affecting you and your baby. This causes an increase of pressure on the pelvic veins and more blood flow that ultimately cause swelling and, annoyance of course.

Why Pregnant Women Need Cooling Cream for Ankles?

During pregnancy, the ankles become dry, tired and swollen. The loss of moisture from the ankles creates pain. Obesity is a vital issue during the phase that is pretty tough to tackle with. Clothes and shoes don’t fit anymore and walking to the corridor seems like a luxury. The natural cooling cream hydrates your ankle during pregnancy and nourishes it. Such creams are specially made for pregnant women keeping their skin sensitivity in mind. A soft and hydrated touch of the natural ankle cream can offer a great sense of relief and make it easy for a pregnant woman to walk around.

How Does Mom’s Natural Cooling Ankle and Foot Cream Help You?

Mom’s natural cooling foot cream is a great formulation which is completely toxin-free. The mommas-to-be need a special touch of nature and mom’s natural cooling ankle cream completely lives up to the expectations.

It’s Safe

The Mom’s natural cool ankle cream offers the goodness of peppermint essential oil and the pampering of shea butter. There are no additional chemicals to toxins included in the cream. Peppermint essential oil is known for healing, cooling and calming sore areas of the body and she butter nourishes the skin from inside and makes it soft. Mom’s natural cool cream can be counted on during pregnancy as it’s gentle and safe.

The Natural Touch

The Mom’s cool natural cream is made of only natural ingredients as the name suggests. It’s a completely vegan product made of plant oils and other natural skin nourishing and hydrating elements to offer a great relief to the mommas-to-be suffering from fluffy ankle and feet. Massaging the cream gently on the ankle in a circular motion few times a day can make the pregnant women feel better and walking on the floor becomes easier.

Uncompromised Quality

Mom’s natural cooling cream is a worthwhile product of uncompromised quality. A blend of shea butter and peppermint essential oil fixes the skin damages during the pregnancy phase. The women in the pudding club need a great skin care. Applying the natural cool cream enriched with Argan oil and Vitamin E before going to bed can offer a visible difference in the morning. The goodness of nature has been delivered to the shelves of mommies-to-be straight from the resourceful labs.

Quick Action

Mom’s natural ankle cream offers a great and quick ankle care to the caring mommies-to-be. Every woman expecting a child wants to fulfill her baby’s world with pleasures and surprises. The Mom’s natural cooling ankle cream offers the personal care to every mommy-to-be that she deserves. It’s quick action de-puffs the ankles effectively with causing any damage to the sensitive skin of the pregnant women. The olive oil and peppermint combined offer a refreshing feeling to the heavy and puffed legs. The cream increases the blood circulation in the ankle and doesn’t let the blood accumulate at any place causing a swelling. A great relief and overnight action can be experienced in the morning after every bedtime application.

A toxin Free Solution

The Mom’s natural cooling cream is dermatologist tested and free of toxins. The cream is made of pure natural ingredients. No synthetic elements have been added to increase its value or boost its action. The product offers a mild natural fragrance without including the Parabens, sulphates, artificial fragrance or any other synthetic element.

And, It’s Certified

Mom’s natural cooling ankle care cream is an Australia-certified cream. It has been passed through several quality testing processes under the surveillance of many skincare experts in India. The ‘Made Safe’ and ‘Australian Certified Toxin-Free’ labels are clearly visible on the body of the natural cream.
Becoming a mom is a big responsibility and there are lots of hurdles in this magnificent journey. The Mom’s natural cool ankle cream can take care of all the skin nourishment, swelling and hydration needs to offer a calm and confident feeling to the mommies-to-be.

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