How to Prevent Stretch Marks during Pregnancy


Tips to Prevent Stretch Marks: Guide for Indian Pregnant Women

Stretch marks arrive during the final pregnancy stage and appear mostly on the abdomen and sometimes on the thighs, hips, breasts and buttocks.
The intensity and the life of stretch marks depend on your skin’s health during and after pregnancy.
Usually, after the 30s it will be very hard to get rid of these marks completely. Younger moms have less difficulty as naturally the skin is more elastic during the 20s; especially early and mid 20s.

Tips to Prevent the Long Lasting Stretch Marks during Pregnancy

Water, Water and Water!

Drinking plenty of water keeps your skin hydrated after the childbirth. It also prevents the skin from tearing and causing stretch marks.


kapalbhati yoga
Exercise helps your skin stay alive and clean and your body toxin-free. When you work out every day, your skin becomes elastic and hence it can expand without tearing. Exercise helps to improve the blood circulation in the body keeping the skin healthy. Also, workouts cause sweat which also keeps the skin hydrated.

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Weight Management

body weight in pregnancy
If your body proportion is lean or average then the chances of occurring of the stubborn stretch marks are very fewer. On the other hand, with the rapid weight gain these chances also increase. Don’t take it too fast. Abrupt weight loss may cause your skin lose its elasticity. Eat foods rich in zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin E and gradually shed the extra kilos.

Tropical Remedies

essential oils
Well, when it comes to tropical remedies for birth stretch marks or pregnancy stretch marks, the market is flooded with birth mark products. If you trust a particular brand or just give one a try, there are many choices available out there. However, you can turn your face towards holistic healing as well.

Stretch Mark Creams

Many reputed brand offer creams to lighten the stretch marks or eliminate them completely. Usually, the stretch mark creams moisturize the skin and prevent it from tearing with the goodness of Vitamin E and butter. A gentle massage and add to your skin’s elasticity, improve blood flow and cuts down on the skin’s stretches or tension.

Shea Butter/Cocoa Butter

When we think of butter, smoothness hits our mind. Shea butter or cocoa butter smoothens the skin and naturally diminishes the stretch marks. Both the types of butter contain Vitamin E and Vitamin K that help in skin-cell reconstruction.

Coconut Oil

purra coconut oil
The damage to the skin cells cause the tearing of the skin with stretching. Coconut oil contains monosaturated fats that make the skin walls stronger. Also, coconut oil acts as a great moisturizer. It contains vitamin A and Vitamin K. You can gently rub the oil at night on your stretch marks.
What to Avoid with Stretch Marks

Gaining Weight Rapidly

Rapid weight gain can worsen the scars. Keep diet full of nutrients Especially Vit E which is required for skin health. Fibre rich food, fruits will help you keep weight under control.


Never try to scratch your baby bump. Sometimes you may feel itchy at those areas but try to avoid it as it will cause more damage to your already damaged skin.

Sitting at the Same Position

Sitting at the same position causes the fat to get accumulated at certain areas of the body. Also, if you rest on your bed or couch for long, the chances of long term stretch marks are there.

Stretch marks are not something to hate or to mull over after pregnancy. Those are just some scars that diminish with time and if proper care is taken, they go away soon. Following the above tips can help you retain the agility of your skin and feel confident like before.


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