How to Measure Baby’s Body Temperature?


Best Digital Thermometer for Baby

The accuracy in the body temperature of a baby is much more important than the adults. Babies are small, sensitive and much prone to cold and other health conditions. The normal temperature of the babies is approximately 97.5F. If the temperature exceeds the 100.4F mark, proper care and treatment are necessary.
The baby temperature varies like adults. There are many factors like hot bath, illness or overdressing that increase baby’s body temperature. Fever in baby and adults also indicated a healthy immune system.

Prime Symptoms of a High Temperature in a Baby

• Reddened or pinkish cheeks
• Poor sleeping
• Irritation towards foods
• Sweaty body
• Irritated while playing
• Convulsions
• Less movements than usual days
• Comparatively hot forehead, stomach or back than normal days

Well, one question arises here – how to measure baby temperature properly? The answer is simple. Get the right thermometer. A standard digital thermometer for baby is very helpful in measuring baby’s temperature without facing any hassle. A great care and accuracy is demanded in the case of measuring the body temperature of the babies below 6 months. There are different ways of measuring baby’s temperature using a digital thermometer in the body parts like rectum, mouth, armpits and temples.

Types of Thermometers

Digital Thermometers

It is the most common thermometers used everywhere nowadays, especially in hospitals. These thermometers give accurate readings by usually they are really handy and cheap. They are cheap and used for mouth as well as axillary temperature measurement. But the cross infection is possible with this type as its a closely touchs the body.

Mercury Thermometers

These are traditional thermometers used for all age groups. This type of thermometer is still in use but the doctors don’t suggest it for baby’s temperature measurement. There can be a poor accuracy and risk involved with Mercury thermometers.

Pacifier Thermometers

This type of thermometers is used to measure the oral temperature of babies. It becomes difficult to measure the temperature when baby is making too many movements. This thermometer resembles a baby pacifier which is engaging for a baby but its accuracy is usually not up-to-the-mark.

Disposable Forehead Thermometers

Using this flimsy plastic baby thermometer forehead temperature is measured. It is stuck on the forehead and the changing colors indicate the temperature. Looks good but not reliable.

Digital Ear Thermometers

Ear thermometers are put in the ears of a person and a quick temperature measurement is done. They are accurate to a huge extent but most of the babies get irritated feeling something weird in their ears.

Temporal Thermometers

These are very popular and quick temperature measuring thermometers. They give accurate readings and just need an easy and quick swipe near the temporal artery or forehead.

Digital rectal thermometers are very accurate, handy and cheap. Getting an accurate number for a baby’s temperature is very important. Your baby may seem fine and happy but his temperature may take a spike and he may need a fever reducing solution sooner or later. Measuring baby’s temperature is not a rocket science. Let’s understand the two major temperature measurement types for babies.

Measuring Oral Temperature of a Child

When the thermometer reading exceeds 100.4F while placing it in the mouth of the kid, the condition is considered as fever. Here are the easy steps that you can follow to measure the oral temperature of your kid –
1) Always wait for around 20-30 minutes after your baby breakfast, lunch or dinner for measuring oral temperature
2) Measure oral temperature for babies above 5 years only
3) Hold them comfortably in your lap
4) Take a cleaned thermometer and make sure there is no previous reading displaying on the screen after turning it on
5) Put the thermometer tip below your child’s tongue facing backward of the mouth
6) Wait till the child closes his mouth
7) Few beep sounds can be heard and a reading will be displayed on the thermometer’s screen
8) Take out the thermometer and clean it

Measuring Axillary Temperature of a Baby

It is a common and recommended method of measuring the accurate body temperature of the small babies below 3 years. Usually, an axillary temperature above 99.4 is considered as fever. Follow the below mentioned points to get an accurate temperature of your baby outing the thermometer in his/her armpits.
1) Take a clean digital thermometer
2) Hold your baby gently on your knees
3) Place the thermometer under his arm and press the arm against the body gently
4) If the thermometer has beep, a sound can be heard indicating the removal of the thermometer otherwise just keep it there for 15-20 seconds.
5) The accurate temperature will appear on the thermometer’s screen

Why not to Use Traditional Underarms Thermometer for Babies?

The traditional thermometers or mercury thermometers are not at all recommended for the babies by doctors and health experts. Traditional thermometers are made of glass and contain mercury inside them. If the glass of the thermometer breaks, young babies will have to face various damages. Mercury causes many health issues. It affects the growth of the young babies. Mercury thermometers are cheaper than digital ones but they don’t offer accurate readings all the time. Moreover, the cold tip of the traditional thermometer can make the babies uncomfortable. It’s better to use digital thermometers for all good reasons.

Which is the Most Recommended Thermometer for Babies and Toddlers?

IR Digital Thermometers used to measure temperature from forehead. You just have to hold the thermometer in front of baby’s forehead (depending on the product user guide either touching the forehead or at a distance of 1cm from forehead) and it scans the baby’s body temperature.


1. Fastest
2. Safest
3. No-touch method, can be used when baby is sleeping, no chance of cross Infection
4. Accurate.
5. Hygienic
6. For all ages.
Read the instruction manual carefully before using the new thermometer. Also remove the batteries (AAA batteries) while the thermometer is not in use for a long time. As the batteries release the liquid if not in use for long time and it damages the device.


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