How to Make Your Mom Feel Special on Mother’s Day?


Celebrating Mothers Day

The second Sunday of the month of May is celebrated as Mother’s Day all over the world and it is on this day that children show their love for their mothers in a myriad of ways.
There are numerous ways in which children celebrate this day with their mothers. From planning lunches and dinner parties to taking her out to movies and excursions that she would love to be a part of, children leave no stone unturned to see their beloved mothers smile. While some kids prefer to buy nice gifts for their dearest mothers, others prefer making unique gifts on their own that would appeal to their moms. Based on the individual tastes and preferences of moms and their kids, these gifts can vary greatly from clothing items, books and mixed tapes to beautiful candles and miniature gardens.

6 Unusual and Memorable Gifts Suggestions for Mothers Day

Make your mom feel special by gifting unique and beautiful gifts this Mother’s Day to surprise your mommy.

1. Personalised Apron

Most children and adults who yearn to shower their moms with nice gifts look for special items that are unique and help them to express their love in a poignant manner. A good way to do so would be to get cooking aprons or chef caps that are customized with images and messages that are of personal significance. The images are generally of high clarity and quality and render to the best gifts that one can present to their mothers.


Aprons @ Ferns N Petals

2. Personalised Cushions

The personalized cushions can be adorned with your favorite photo with your mom and some lovely quotations. These gifts tend to remain for a long time and serve as the perfect ways for kids to show their mothers how much they care.


Cushions @ Ferns N Petals

3. Personalised Lamps

Another personalized gift item for Mother’s Day which can surprise your mom is a bottle shaped personalized lamp. One can get the image of his or her mom printed on the bottle and get it lighted up to serve as a beautiful decorative lamp.


Lamps @ Ferns N Petals

If you are looking for some handmade gift ideas and want to make something quick and easy, then here we have 3 special DIY gift Ideas

1. Eraser Jewellery

Kids below age 10 usually love to make creative craft wok. So here is one adorable bracelet idea you can do at home. Fathers can help their children in making this. You can buy a bunch of cute small erasers from market. Usually kids do have such collection at home. Select 2-3 designs and 5-6 pieces of each eraser and sew them together by passing thread through them with a needle. Click here for Complete DIY
mothers diy gifts brecelet

2. Mini Card Book

This lovely card book idea has no limit to creativity. You will need some decorative card sheets. You can use old book covers or small paper cuts remaining from craft projects. Cut all cards in same size e.g. heart shape / oval shape/ rectangular. Then write your message for mother or some nice quotes on each card, you can further decorate each card with some glitter pen or stickers. Then make a hole on each card at same place in corner and bind them together if you can’t find a steel ring as shown in original article then you can use a ribbon too. And make a cute ribbon bow on top bunch of these cards. Original Post
mothers day diy mini cards

3. Mini Garden Pot

This is simple and perfect idea for mom’s green kitchen. Select the small plants which do not grow is size much like succulents. Buy a beautiful ceramic pot and place some pebbles at bottom then on top of it some soil. Now place all succulents as shown in picture. Find detail instructions here in original post
mothers day diy plants

One of the greatest joys of being a woman is that of motherhood. Not only it changes a woman’s life permanently but it also provides her with the opportunity to find bundles of joy by spending quality time with her kids. From the children’s perspective as well, their mother plays a very important role in rearing and nurturing them. By cooking sumptuous meals for her kids to dressing them up for birthday parties or other special occasions, a mother does much more than one can hope for to see her children smiling and happy at all times. Therefore a mother truly deserves all the love and adulation she can receive from her children and some special attention on Mothers Day.


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