How to Make Your Kids Like Green Vegs?


5 Easy Ways to Feed Vegetables to Your Baby

A loud NO, howling, crying, throwing tantrums, running away from the dining table…etc, etc is what a mother experiences while she tries to feed her kids vegetables and greens. It is the most common complaint that every mother on this planet has and we will try to give out a few tricks & tips to get kids to develop interest in eating vegetables & greens happily. Its very important to keep the food look appetizing as we eat with our eyes first & then comes the actual eating.

1. Poori

Kids love pooris as so do we but did you know that you could make pooris look more interesting and add nutritional value of vegetables to them. While making the poori dough, you can opt for making 3 colored pooris. Divide the flour into three batches and add spinach puree to one, steamed carrot& beetroot puree to another & add pureed dal to the third & voila you can make three different colored pooris for them which are healthier & tastier than the regular pooris & will keep the kids’ interest levels high due to the colors.

2. Parantha/Thalipith

After pooris the second most obvious dish that is made in majority of Indian homes is paranthas. Most often than not, it forms an important part of kids’ lunch box regularly and kids often get bored eating the same plain paratha with sabji or Aloo/ paneer paratha. So what you could do is what I started making for my kid……a “thalipeeth”( It’s a maharashtrian answer to the mighty north indian paratha ;)The only exception being that instead of stuffing the filling inside, you bind all the grated vegetables like lauki, carrots, diced french beans, chopped palak etc into the flour with interesting seasoning like mixed herbs and of course by adding cheese or paneer, which is kids’ favorite. Once you serve them this sumptuous thalipeeth, you can be rest assured that the plates and lunch boxes will be polished off in no time.

3. Pasta

Italian food has invaded our kitchens like anything. If you ask your kids what would they want to eat, they would mostly say PASTA and this gives you ample reason to give them nourishment clubbed with the pasta. Rather than buying readymade pasta, try making them at home. Add semolina(sooji) with a little refined flour(maida) add salt and add pureed spinach to this along with a few eggs and make thin pasta sheets by rolling. Cut them like flat noodles & add this to the boiling water. Trust me, homemade pasta tastes like heaven. Combine it with a nice creamy white cheesy sauce or the classic tomato sauce.

4. Soups

Besides tomato soup, probably there are any other soups that kids like MOSTLY. Today many mothers try to inculcate habit of having soups from the initial stages when solid food is introduced to them. Creamy soups taste yummy and sure to get the kids interested. You can toss some finely chopped garlic and onions into some butter & add vegetables that they would probably not eat otherwise like wonder veggie broccoli. Toss it a little then add vegetable stock and let it cook for a while. Once vegetable is tender, puree it & cook it again for a minute, add mixed herbs and seasoning & cream & serve. The taste of eating just a broccoli as a vegetable & as a soup is poles apart and it will be an instant hit with the kids.

5. Cutlets/Patties

Next most preferred snack that the kids love to have are cutlets/ croquettes/tikkis/patties etc. Call them by any name ……but what’s in a name man, the moment it comes on a plate next minute you wonder, where they went. No Indian household is sans potatoes as it forms an important part of our staple and we end up giving potato overdose in the form of cutlets but if you add one part of potatoes and one part of grated vegetables to the cutlet mix. Add a twist by putting it in a cornstarch slurry and coating it with interesting covering of crushed cornflakes/ crushed crunchy poha/ masala oats and shallow fry it or bake. Not only the taste will be different but your complaints of kids not eating enough vegetables will be gone.
There are many other interesting ways that we mothers can think of making food look interesting and yet have all the nutrition packed in it and which can be a sure shot hit with the kids, for which we need to keep looking at the same day today food with a new perspective. Always remember we feast with our eyes first & then with our taste buds. Always keep the food look interesting.


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    Well, kids aren’t very easily pliable but many interesting things to learn from this article. Thank you for sharing. Keep going!

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    I have tried everything to get my child to eat! but she wont eat….well girls are stubborn than boys….These recipes looks good i will definitely try it…!!!!

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    Making paratha or puri is a great option to add some green veggies in the diet of little one. Even moms should reward them if they eat some vegetable. It will be a kind of appreciation for a good deed. Next time they will eat the vegetables in the greed of award. Try it, I am sure your kid will love this idea.

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