How to Make Unique and Meaningful Indian Baby Boy Names?


Tips to Make Innovative Unique Name for your Baby Boy

It’s obvious that you care for your baby and want to bring all the good things to him to see his satisfying smile. Well, when it comes to naming, you can’t just pick one which sounds great or to which your baby nods his head. A name remains with the possessor for the lifetime. There are chances that the name you pick ends up meaning something awful that you never want to associate your baby with. Finding the innovative Indian Baby Names with logic is no lesser than a challenge. It consumes a hell of a time and the chances of dissatisfaction are more. Well, to get you out of the chaos, I got an easy solution for you. Check it out.

Tricks of Making Innovative Baby Names: Indian Baby Boy

Whoa! Before moving ahead, here are few points that deserve your attention:

Watch the Meaning: Come up with Only Positive

(The prefixes can build or ruin the goodness of a name. For example, the word Manyu signifies Rage/Anger/Sorrow. When prefixes like ‘Up’ and ‘Abhi’ are added with the word i.e; Up-Manyu and Abhi-Manyu, the overall meaning becomes positive whereas the prefix ‘Sa’ makes the name negative as Sa-Manyu inclines more towards the rage or anger. )

Pronunciation!: Don’t make a tongue twister name

In order to find the best Indian boy name for your baby, you can’t just choose a completely unique name which can’t even be pronounced easily. Always find an easy-to-pronounce name with a positive meaning.

Verify its History and Meaning in Other Cultures

When you gear up to choose a creative Indian name for boy, make sure you dig into its history and significance. It’s not necessary that a name with a positive meaning in the Hindu culture has the same meaning or the positive significance in other languages or cultures. Keep the names with the negative meanings miles away.
Confirmation of the chosen name from a known and skilled Hindu Pundit who is well versed with the Sanskrit language and history can be a great idea.


Use these Amazing Post-Fixes to Make up a New Name?

Veer Names

Veer is a masculine Hindu boy name suffix having the Sanskrit roots. The word can be used to create many positive hindu boy names. Veer is a liberally used name suffix in the Sikh Community. Sometimes, it can unite with a good Indian boy name to make it positive while sometimes the overall meaning of the combination generates negative vibes. Beware of your picks!
Yudh-Veer: Yudh means war or battle and Veer means brave. Combining both the words means one who wins the battle or war.
Adya-Vir: Adya means ‘The First Power’. When ‘Vir’ is added as a suffix to the word ‘Adya’, it means ‘The one with the First Power’. This is a mighty and positive name.
Adi-Veer: Adi means the same as Adya. Adi-Veer refers to the first Brave or first Veer.
Bhay-Veer: Well, you would definitely not want you baby to grow up as a diffident person n spite of having a masculine and powerful name. Bhay-Veer means one who achieves triumph over Fear.
Arya-Veer: This is also a good name with a positive meaning – ‘Noble Winner’
AvikVeer: Avik Means Brave and Veer means the same. The combination signifies victory and hence the overall meaning of the name is Brave Winner.
Dhven-Veer: Dhven is a word signifying divinity. It means godly and when added before the word Veer, the overall meaning becomes ‘Godly Winner’.
Mahin-Veer: The Earth is called as Mahin in Sanskrit. The name Mahin-Veer means the Winner over the Earth.

Raj Names

Raj is a popular and trendy Indian boy name in itself. The word ‘Raj’ signifies king/kingdom/owner. The word has a majestic significance. ‘Raj’ or ‘Raaj’ as a name of prefix has been in use since the archaic period in India. Here are some meaningful, regal and positive words that can be formed using the word ‘Raj’ as a prefix.
Raaj-Veer: Veer signifies a brave winner and when it is added after the word ‘Raaj’ or ‘Raj’, the overall meaning becomes – a winner king or successful king
Raj-Chetas: Chetas means mind or state of mind. The name Raj-Chetas means, a Royal Minded or Regal Minded or a king’ mind.
Raj-Jaksh: Since the Hindu deity of wealth, Lord Kuber also goes by the name Jaksh, the name Raj-Jaksh has definitely a regal significance.
Raj-Januj: Something which is born is called ‘Januj’. Raj and Januj words combine to form a name ‘Rajanuj’ which means born to a king or Born King.
Raj-Keshin: Well, nothing is more satisfying than getting a powerful and regal name for your baby boy which roars in itself. Keshin is the Sanskrit word used for ‘Lion’. Rajkeshin means ‘King Lion’. It roars indeed!
Raj-Mahin: Mahin means the Earth. Raj Mahin signifies the King/Lord of the Earth. The name suits well a person with a real estate or land-related profession.
Raj-Nrup: Both the words Raj and Nrup signifies a mighty king. The overall meaning, hence, becomes a King.
Raj-Renit: Renit means victory. The name Raj-Renit means King with Victory
Raj-Saruh: The name signifies a wealthy or a king with prosperity in life.

Ansh Names

Ansh is one of the popular Indian boy names. It is a complete name in itself meaning Portion or Day. Just by placing the name after other positive names or using it as a suffix to other good names can do wonders. Want to see? Here you go –
Raaj-Ansh: The word means something which is an essential part of a king. It can be considered as a king’s heir or Prince.
Shivansh: The vital part of Lord Shiva can be called Shivansh
Krishansh: A portion or part of Lord Krishna
Premansh: A portion of Love
Veeransh: A part of a Veer or Brave/Winner
Yuv-Ansh: Someone who can sustain his youth forever
There are endless options. What’s your pick?

Ank Names

The trick which works with the word ‘Ansh’ does the same with ‘Ank’. The word Ank means follower/devotee of something or a Mark. Here some great names using the word ‘Ank’ –
Shivank: Devotee of Lord Shiv or Marked by Lord Shiv
Raj-Ank: It means King’s Mark or majestic mark
Yug-Ank: This meaning may not be appropriate for an Indian baby boy. It means end of an Era.
Dev-Ank: Mark of God or Godly
Him-ank: ‘Him’ is a variant of the word Himalaya. It can be considered as something mighty and majestic.


In Sanskrit, the word ‘Yuv’ signifies the Youth and its variants. If someone is called Yuv-Raj, it means a mighty young king or a prince. Here are some great and totally unique baby names starting with Yuv.
Yuv-veer: Yuvir means a Young Winner
Yuvyodha or Yuvodha: Yodha means Warrior and hence the name Yuvodha signifies a young warrior
Yuv-Man: The name means a youthful mind or a young mind
Yuv-Rishi: It means a young Saint or Rishi
Yuv-Margin: In Sanskrit, Margin signifies a traveller. Yuvmargin means a young traveller.
Yuv-Yug: Yuvug means a new era
Yuv-Neel: Neel signifies a mountain or a treasure and hence the name Yuvneel means New Mountain/New Treasure. It’s a mighty and positive name.

May Names

In English, May is a month whereas if you dig into the Sanskrit roots, the word means completely devoted to full of something. For example, the word ‘Gun’ in Sanskrit means good things or good qualities and adding it with ‘May’ will signify Full of Good Things. Here are few more examples to clear you the name trick
Shiv-May: The devotee of Lord Shiva or full of devotion for Shiva
Him-May: The word Himay means ‘Golden’
Rup-may: Rup can be considered as the aesthetics or Silver. The word Rupmay means full of or rich in beauty or Silver proportion
Raj-May: It means full of majesty or Kingly
So, these were few easy and effective tips to explore some amazing and creative baby boy names hindu using some great suffixes and prefixes. The name you give to your baby is special and decides his personality. Use these awesome name tricks and find some unique hindu boy names in moments. It’s that simple!
If you need help in making up such truly unique and meaningful name for your baby, email at [email protected] More details here.


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      Anav Humane
      Amay Free from deceit
      Amey Immeasurable
      Avi Sun
      Ahin Whole
      Ayog Connection, Lord Ganesh
      Arit Honoured
      Avid Knowledge
      Iham Expected, Lord Ganesh
      Ihit Honor
      Ray (रय) Zeal, Prince
      Ruth Truth
      Tanv Son
      Vrin Chosen
      Vrit Chosen
      Yuj Friend

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