How to Make Soya Milk at Home?


DIY: Soya Milk

Soya Milk is made of Soaked Soya Beans and its highly nutritious. It’s very easy to make soya milk and tofu at home also its cheap. Soya milk is one of the energy boosters for your family which are easy to have.

Health Benefits of Soya Milk

Below are the benefits of freshly made soy milk at home:
Soya Milk Contains: proteins (only vegetable proteins), vitamin A, B12 and D, Minerals such as potassium, and isoflavones.
Soya milk helps reducing cholesterol and doesn’t contain any hormones.
soya milk ready
More about Health benefits of Soya Milk here:

Soya Milk Vs Cow’s Milk

1) Soya Milk gives you all health benefits of animal’s milk minus the carbohydrates and fats. Also those who are allergic to dairy products can replace the animal milk by soya milk
2) Milk contains saturated fats while soya milk doesn’t.
3) Cow’s milk (non-skimmed) provides more calories compared to Soya Milk
4) Cow’s Milk contains lactose. Soya milk does not contain lactose, so it’s a better option for lactose intolerants.
5) Cow’s milk contains hormones. Hormones are not present in soya milk.

Can You give Soya Milk to kids?

Yes, You can give soya milk to children. It’s a good alternative for the kids who hate smell and taste of cow’s milk. You can make the soya milk at home for quality assurance. (Kids below 2 years should be given soya milk only after doctor’s consultation as babies might have soy allergy.)

Method of making Soya Milk at Home

soya beans dry
1) Soak soya beans for about 12 hours in water.
soak soya beans overnight
2) Drain and discard water. Wash it gently once with fresh water.
soaked beans
3) Add beans along with fresh water in a blender and make a smooth juice. Add more water if needed.
blend the soaked beans
4) Strain into a saucepan through a fine sieve or cheesecloth.
5) Add spices if you want some flavor. E.g. Pandan leaf , ginger.
6) Now boil soy milk for about 15 to 20 mins. Stir frequently to prevent skin from forming.
boil the juice
7) Now remove the spices you added before. This is the time you can add Vanilla and sugar if you want to.
8) Let it cool and come to room temperature.
soy milk
9) Serve and refrigerate leftover milk. As our homemade soya milk does not contain any preservatives and to avoid loss of nutrients level in it, refrigerate and have it within 24 hours.
10) To save time, you may freeze the soaked soya beans and make the fresh milk using above method.
How to Make Tofu:
To make tofu you can simply make it like cottage cheese. Just in place of animal milk you use Soya milk and you get tofu instead of cottage cheese.
Word of Caution: It is better to avoid soya milk if you are allergic to soya. People with asthma are likely to have soy allergy so if it is your first time to try soy product, have a very little amount to test your tolerance. Avoid giving it to babies below 2 years.


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