How to Make Pudina Chutney for Kids?


Mint Leaves Dip for Kids: Healthy and Tasty

Mint Dip or Pudina Chutney is not only healthy but yummy too. Be it Samosa or kabab or cutlet; the yummy chutney goes well with various appetizers. Not all kids may like it because of its pungent taste, but it’s highly recommended for kids. Why?

Why Make Kids Eat Pudina/Mint Leaves Regularly?

What’s so special about mint leaves? Well, the tempting ingredient is not just to satisfy the taste buds but cure several diseases as well. Eating Pudina regularly is very necessary for kids as they have to bear the scorching sun in the playgrounds and spend a hectic day.

Health Benefits of Pudina

Improves Digestion

Pudina juice or dip is good for digestion. The presence of menthol and antioxidants in Pudina soothes the stomach and improves digestive function of the stomach.

Boosts Immunity

Kids have under-development immunity and because of today’s lifestyle, even minor infections can make them sick, sometimes severely sick. Pudina contains Vitamin A which prevents cell damage and hence poor immunity.


Pudina is a soothing and anti-inflammatory agent. Whether you are bitten by an insect or experienced some rashes on skin; Pudina can prove its worth in tropical actions as well. It is also a popular anti-bacterial agent.


Need instant energy and refreshment in a hot day? Pudina can work wonders! The refreshing taste and cool nature of the ingredient makes you lively even on a dull day.

Keeps the Temperature Down

Mint or Pudina is known its cooling properties. In summer, kids and adults suffer from stomach issues as their body temperature goes up causing dehydration and other issues. Mint is a great solution to keep the body cool and avoid all the stomach related troubles.

Relief from cold

The weather is on the transition mode and falling sick is very common nowadays. Pudina can help your kid get rid of the congestion in nose and cure his sore throat taking Pudina leaves in tea or food.

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Pudina chutney is very easy to make and it can be eaten with many appetizers like rolls, cutlets and Frankie. It’s refreshing, cool and yummy. Here is a quick recipe for making Pudina Chutney at home.


Fresh mint leaves (1 bowl), green chilli, hung yoghurt, lemon juice, ginger, salt and garlic cloves.


1) Rinse and mix Pudina leaves with all the ingredients except yoghurt, lemon juice and salt and grind them properly.
2) Add the three remaining ingredients to the grinded mixture.
3) Keep the mixture refrigerated for about 24 hours.
4) Enjoy this yummy creamy mint dip with different snacks and appetizers

pudina chutney

Summer is going to knock the doors soon and the streets can be seen full of Pudina sharbat and Pudina leaves vendors.
Homemade Pudina Chutney is tastier and healthier than the sauce or chutney available in the market. You can spice it up as per your taste. Try the amazing chutney at home, serve it with your child’s favorite snack and let him/her fall for it.
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