How to Make Healthy n Simple Porridge for Baby


Healthy, delicious yet easy and quick baby food recipe: Porridge

After starting with purees to your little wonder, now you must be looking for adding some taste and texture to your baby’s food. Porridge is right choice for you as these are easy to digest and healthy. Your baby is hungry after a long nice sleep at night and at breakfast you want to give her a nutritious breakfast which serves as main source of all day energy. But mornings are busy for any mom so you want a quick and simple recipe too.
So here we have a simple porridge recipe for you with some tips to make it of different taste everyday so your baby will love it each time.


Basic Porridge recipe

Ingredient: 2 spoon of oats OR flour of any sprouted grain e.g. Wheat, Raggi/Nachani/Finger millet, Bajara/Perl millet, Jowar, Brown rice, Moong beans etc. (Use sprouted grain flour for making your porridge healthier and tastier)
Ghee/butter, Dates/Date syrup, Almond/Cashew/Walnut powder, Nutmeg Powder
1. Roast the oats or grain flour in a thick bottom saucepan for 2-3 mins on medium-low flame.
2. Add ghee and fry again for a minute on low flame.
3. Turn off the flame; let it cool for a minute.
4. Add a cup of warm water/formula milk/ breast milk/cows milk. Whisk with a fork/wire-whipper so that lumps are not formed.

NOTE: Cows milk should be used after baby is 9 months old and if baby is not allergic to cow milk, Confirm with your doctor once.
5. Add almond powder, a pinch of nutmeg/elaichi powder.
6. Let it boil without cover for 5 mins and then covered for 2 mins. Turn off the flame. (if you are using oats then it may require longer to cook oats)
7. Now add the date pulp/syrup. Date syrup must be added after you turn off the flame. As date can spoil the milk when added while milk is boiling.

white porridge

1. If you want plain taste then in place of date syrup and elaichi/nutmeg add cumin and ajwain powder.
2. You can make any variety by adding 2 different grain flours e.g. Bajara/Perl-millet with Chickpea/Chana flour.
3. Healthier change could be adding vegetables puree e.g. Carrot, louki, spinach in plain basic type of porridge.

Twist in taste
1. Take 1 spoon fresh curd, 1 clove of garlic, coriander leaves, and cumin powder. Mix all items and grind to paste. Add 1 cup of water.
2. Roast the flour (of any wheat/rice/moong, tastiest is using Raggi/Nachani) in a saucepan for 2-3 mins on medium-low flame.
3. Add ghee and fry for a minute.
4. Turn off the flame; let it cool for a minute.
5. Add above mixture. Whisk with a fork/wire-whipper so that lumps are not formed.
6. Boil uncovered for 5 mins then cover and let it boil for 2 mins.
This curd variation tastes very yummy with Raggi. Good for pregnant mothers too. You can add green chilly for taste if you want to make it for adults.

 Tips for roasting flour:

Wheat flour or chickpea needs more time to roast compared to perl-millet or raggi flour. Also brown rice flour needs more time than white rice flour. So change the roasting time accordingly. Roast till you see slight colour-change and it develops toasty aroma. You may directly fry the raw flour in ghee to avoid excess roasting.

1. No salt/Sugar should be given before baby turns 1 yr. Instead use dates or sweet vegetables to make any baby food sweet. Also make use of cumin powder/coriander powder/AjwainPowder/Elaichi Powder/nutmeg powder to make it flavorful.
2. Adjust the amount of water to get required consistency.
See more Dalia recipes and oat recipes for baby food. When baby is ready for a texture in food, give him/her dalia/oats/suji. Babies eat more if given variety of food.

Porridge can be made anytime of day. In case baby gets hungry at unusual time and you want to make something really fast then this simmple porridge is a good choice. So keep some roasted multi-grain flour ready in refrigerator to prepare fresh porridge for baby any time you want. But do not use the roasted floor for more than 1 week even if refrigerated.


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  1. Avatar

    I usually make Apple Oats Porridge by adding applesauce. My kid loves it completely. I haven’t tried Wheat or Raggi Porridge. I just want to clarify, is this recipe good for a 01-year-old kid?

    • Sapana

      Raggi porridge is good for 1 year old too. Raggi is tasty. Kids like it. If you think your child will not like a bit sticky texture of Wheat porridge, you can use daliya (Broken Wheat), it is healthier too.

  2. Avatar

    My baby is 06 months old. I want to add some solid food to his diet as I am a working women. Can I give porridge to him? Also, tell me after how many months, I can add solid things to his diet? Should I ask my doctor before changing the meal or it is completely fine? Please help

    • Sapana

      As a first food, you can start with these recommended first foods: Banana, Rice Porridge, carrot puree, steamed sweet potato pulp (Read more here: first foods)
      Basic rule is try only one new food at a time and observe it for 3 days. Do not introduce multi ingredient foods in first month.
      See this diet chart for Indian babies

  3. Avatar

    Can you tell me the benefits of Porridge? I want to make it for my baby but want to be ensure that it’s good for my baby.

    • Sapana

      Hi Madhurima,
      Porridges or say gruels are easy to digest and grains give strength to growing baby. They are easy to make and feed. Babies love them. Just make sure not to make them sticky or gooey.

  4. Avatar

    Hi, Can I add egg in Porridge recipe for a 08 month-old-baby? One of my friends recommended to add egg it provides strength and supply essential proteins. if not then let me know when I can include egg in my kid’s meal.

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