How to Make Baby Caps from Used T-shirts?


Making Baby Caps at Home:DIY

Kids don’t want anything on their head and tries all the tactics to remove it. But the baby caps look very adorable on every baby’s head. You can make them wear them till they don’t understand how to remove it and hopefully they get used to it later. You can try making it on your own as it is very simple.
The old clothes of your baby can be used for making it. As the baby clothes becomes small for them very fast and remains as it is. So instead of throwing them away you can prepare some cute caps for them. You can use your old, soft and stretchable t-shirts.
Not just for saving money but it’s a great joy to make baby’s clothe yourself. Especially for a first time pregnant mothers. 
You can try different styles and your baby would surely love wearing them as you made it with so much of love. These following easy styles can be adopted for making caps for your baby:


• Take a t-shirt and cut off the turtleneck portion from it (shown in picture is turtleneck t-shirt). Cut it from above the manufacturing seam.
turtleneck of t-shirt
• Lay the turtleneck part on a table and mark the size of your baby head with his old cap.
• Mark the shape, trim the extra part and sew the edges.
• Now open up the fold in the direction that the joints meet together, then mark a line so that both the joints are of the same size and sew it.
• Now turn your cap inside out, your cute little cap is almost ready.
• To make it more beautiful, you can add a flower to it. Readymade flowers are available in the markets; you can sew it with your hand.
• Cute baby cap from turtleneck t-shirt is ready.
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baby cap with knot
• Using a stretchy fabric is a must for preparing a baby cap.
• Cut the fabric in 2, the shape of a cap using your baby’s old cap which fits him nicely, just keep it a bit long from the upper side for making a knot.
• Now cut a rectangle piece of about 5 ½ inches tall and 15 ½ inches wide.
• Keep both the piece of the hat on one another, keeping both the right sides together and sew it completely from both the side, just living the below part.
• Now sew the rectangular band piece on the bottom of the cap.
• Open the right side of the cap out and fold the band upward and iron it to keep the band in place.
• Now finally tie a knot on the top of the cap, adjusting the size of more or less, whatever necessary.
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baby caps with 2 ears
• Cut the fabric and stitch it as done above in the baby cap from turtleneck t-shirt.
• After marking the edges from an old cap and sewing it, you have to take 2 small half circles of the same fabric of the cap and sew it.
• Then attach it to the cap while sewing the edges.
• Making a little crease while sewing will make it look good and then you can sew it on the cap by giving proper space between the 2.
• Your cap is ready.
Original DIY Link:
This is a very simple process for creating baby cap from unused clothes. If you are not able to do it in first try don’t give up hope. You will be able to make the cutest caps for your baby. It’s a good use of old baby clothes and all the memories attached with it, because it is not easy for a mother to throw away the old clothes of their babies.


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