How to Make A Nursery Room Comfortable & Stylish?


Guest Post: Tips to Decorate Baby’s Nursery Room

Congratulations! You are going to be a mother! Now, you have to hurry and buy everything under the moon to prepare for baby. Don’t worry, let your nesting instincts go crazy. One of the most fun activities to do while waiting for the baby is decorating their nursery. Of course, we’ve all seen Pinterest-perfect nurseries, and now that’s what you want to achieve. Well, it’s very possible, and easier than you think.

How to make a Nursery Room Safe, Comfortable and Stylish?

Decorate the Room, not the Crib!

Buy a cute crib, sure. Have a few adorable fitted sheets that fit tightly over the crib’s mattress. But, that’s all you need for a crib. You don’t need dolls, pillows, blankets, crib bumpers or anything else in the crib. The more minimalist the crib, the better for protecting against SIDS.

Dresser and Changing Table Combo

Did you know that nursery furniture can come in sets? A favorite of parents is buying the dresser and changing table combo that matches their baby’s crib. It’s a two in one! More organization and more overall space!

Low Toy Shelves with Baskets

When choosing a toy shelve to grow with your baby, find one that is lower. These will typically be longer horizontally rather than vertically. This way, it’ll be easier for your soon to be toddler to grab his or her own toys. Use the decorative pull-out baskets to organize the toys on the shelves, and make sure everything has a place.

Comfortable Chairs

There are so many different options: rocking chairs, lounge chairs, host chairs, etc. Having a comfortable chair in the nursery will be perfect for those night time feedings, the constant rocking and cuddling, and reading to your baby.

Gallery Wall

Decorate your baby’s walls with adorable water colors, digital prints, quotes, family pictures, shadow boxes, monogrammed decorations, and more. Your baby will love exploring the colors and shapes on their wall for years to come.

Soft Play Rug

Regardless if you have carpet or wood floors in your nursery, find an adorable, soft, fluffy rug for the floor. Not only will this make the room more stylish, but it’ll be somewhere soft for the little one to learn to roll over. And, it’ll make a perfect backdrop for all those Instagram pictures you will be sharing!

Baby Proof

Baby proofing is very important to make your nursery safe. But, you can still make it look stylish! Find adorable outlet covers or hand-paint your own drawer locks.

Night Lights

Having a night light in the room, or a dimmer, will be beneficial not only at the very start, but when your baby because a toddler who gets scared of the dark. Find one that illuminates the ceiling with shapes of stars or flowers.

Book Shelves

Find an adorable books shelf, or install a cute hanging bookshelf. Place it near your comfortable chair to create a reading nook that you and your baby will come to love for years after.

Pop of Color

Definitely have a pop of color. Don’t go bright highlighter pink or neon green—wait till your child is in preschool and demands those colors. Instead, have soft colors and neutral tones dominate your nursery with some pops of color.

Make Room

Sometimes less is more. Don’t have a lot in your nursery—you will need plenty of space to walk back and forth in the middle of the night. Having a too crowded nursery also isn’t calming or inviting.

Oversized Stuffed Animal

Having an adorable oversized plush animal is perfect not only for decoration, but for those monthly pictures to see how big your baby has grown. And, as your baby starts becoming mobile, the oversized doll will soon become their favorite playing place and best friend.


True, your precious newborn won’t really care what the room looks like as long as you are there. But, it’s ok to decorate the nursery for yourself. After all, you will be spending a lot of time there, so don’t just make it stylish, but also make it comfortable with these ideas.


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