How to make a maternity jeans from used regular jeans?


DIY maternity jeans from used regular jeans

Maternity clothes are a big tricky part of pregnancy, specially the jeans and pants. None of your previous jeans fit you during pregnancy and not always you get good comfy jeans/pants which you can use throughout 9 months. So what can you do? This DIY is going to surprise you with a very easy and very enjoyable way to use your regular old jeans to make very comfortable maternity jeans.
Lets get started

Things you need:
– Your used regular pair of jeans which fit you well (before pregnancy).
– Soft cotton used t-shirt (shorter than your size is also ok).
– Scissor
– Thread of colour same as your jeans.
– Sewing machine. (In India not everyone keeps sewing machine at home, so simple solution is to do all cutting at home and then take it to your tailor. It is just needs 5 mins for sewing if everything is ready with you)

Instructions in brief:
– Cut about 1/2 inch below the waistband of jeans.
– Cut the t-shirt to make a tube shape out of t-shirt so that it lines up with the edge of top of jeans.
– Remove all hard parts on waistband of jeans e.g. belt loops etc. so that you can easily sew t-shirt and jeans together. The width of the tube should be comfortable on your tummy.
– Stitch the t-shirt on the waistband so that the tube shape covers the tummy comfortably and strong enough to hold weight of jeans.

Watch the video carefully before starting.

Note: If t-shirt does not hold pants on place then you can stitch elastics on top of t-shirt and at the place where t-shirt and pants are joined together. Make sure you use easily stretchable elastic and gives you room for your growing belly.

Have fun with this creative way to make pregnancy life easier and save money.


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