How to Maintain Healthy Digestive System in Kids


Kid’s Fitness – Foods for Healthy Digestion

Children cannot take care of their digestive system on their own. They depend on you, as a parent, to maintain their food habits and diet in such a way that it can keep their digestive systems tuned.
There are many things which matter while we are talking about the digestion in kids – what to eat, what to avoid, what to do, what not to do, and which foods to serve. In this article, you will get to know about every such thing.

Foods for Healthy Digestion in Kids




Veggies, especially leafy greens, are the home to many nutrients, potassium, dietary fiber, folic acid, and vitamins. So, they help maintain the blood pressure and digestion in kids.
It is very important that your child eats just perfectly and freshly cooked green vegetables. Over cooked stews or in paste form, your child will not get optimum nutrition from food. E.g. the overcooked vegetables contain less vitamins.

Grated Cucumber

grated cucumber
Water and fiber are the necessities for healthy digestion and cucumbers are rich in both. If your child eats without chewing it enough, grated cucumber will be perfect for her.


Tomatoes are the good source of vitamins (A, C & k), potassium, manganese, copper, and phosphorus. They are incredibly beneficial in digestion and often treated as a veggie.

Raw Bell Peppers

Bell peppers Red, Yellow and Green are more than the food decorative. This fiber-rich food can regulate the digestion by eliminating many problems. Adding them to salads is always a good idea.


There are countless bacteria which help in maintaining a healthy digestion and yogurt contains many of them. However, it may be harmful when overfed (see in next section)

Apples and Pears

apples basket
Peeling may make it easy for kids to eat these fruits but it removes the major benefits from them so give your kids the apples and pears without peeling them off.

High Fibre Cereals

Cereal consumption has ultimate benefits for digestion in kids. They contain a high amount of proteins and fiber, facilitating easy passing of stools and healthy digestive system.

Grated Carrots

grated carrot
Carrots increase saliva and therefore the appetite, along with quick digestion. Why grated? Recall the Grated Cucumber section.

Seeded Berries



Berries have the highest fiber in them and are favorite of kids. Raspberries will do a great job in keeping the child fit.

Baked Potatoes

baked potatoes
Baked potatoes, with skin on them, are really great for your kids. You can add more taste agents as shredded cream to increase child’s interest in eating it.
These foods are awesome to serve to your kids but there are some tips which can help you in perfecting the digestive system in kids. Here they are!

Digestion Tips


– They should drink away from meals, at least 30-minutes before and after any solid intake. Give them water as first thing in the morning, even before the milk.
warm water
– Make a proper combination of foods. Kid’s diet should contain every nutrient. Avoid “excess of one and devoid of others” scenario.
– Offer them small bites and replace the snacks with healthy eatables for better appetite.
– Give them their favorite healthy foods.
– Exercising should be added to their daily habits.

Don’t Dos

– Don’t exceed the limit of processed & canned food in their diet. Try to minimize it as much as possible.
processed foods
– Avoid overeating and heavy or oily foods.
– Ask them not to watch TV or any such distraction activity while eating as it reduces the appetite.
– Don’t skip desserts after the food.
– Don’t make milk or dairy products a meal for kids. For example, yogurt is excellent for kids but not in excess. Remember – Dairy products are fillers, appetizers but NOT the complete food.

The Food Habits

Now you know almost everything, just last step towards enhancing the digestion of kids – the food habits. Try them and observe the change.
• Salad should be part of kid’s everyday diet. Serve one bowl of Salad before the meal.
salad bowl
• Give honey to your kid, just after they wake up.
• Lemon is excellent for digestion so add lemon drops to your kid’s water bottle when he/she is heading towards school.
• Add Flax seeds powder to regular dishes and sandwiches.
• As mentioned above – Kids must Exercise Daily. Playing every day is also a great exercise. They must sweat at least once a day. Running, jumping, exercises etc. are involved in playing outdoor games so encourage them for it.
• Breakfast is the Must for good health. Eating on time should be in habit of your kid as it balances the mechanism of the body.
• Kids love cheese and sweets, but stay precautious – Limit intake of these eatables and give your child enough water after they have it. Give them fennel seeds to avoid sticking of such foods from teeth and to improve digestion.
These food habits, tips, and diets are must-to-follow for a strong and healthy digestive system in children. Serve well!
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