How to Look Younger After Pregnancy?


Skin Tightening after Child-birth: Natural Ways to Get the Old YOU Back!

Besides the wonderful & miraculous journey of motherhood, pregnancy is a beginning of unexpected body changes. The loosened skin, fat around you, physical aches and many such exhaustive things are very natural after giving birth to a baby.
how to look younger: guide for new momsIn this case, you must be thinking of how to tighten that skin to look younger after pregnancy by getting the old shape back. If yes, this is the right place to know 100% natural tips to stay Young after childbirth. Beginning with what changes your body adapts after delivering a baby (in the next section), we will discuss about every small and simplest method of tightening your skin.
The exercises, Yoga, meditation, methods, and mental conditioning – everything is discussed (have patience! It is there after a minute of reading) here.

Effects on Body & Skin: What changes Pregnancy Bring to You?

As the belly grows during your pregnancy, there are many changes which may affect you, some major & common changes are –
• The reddish stretch marks on tummy
• Loose skin : On your tummy and thighs
• Dark spots on breast and thighs
• Brown patches on face areas (Melasma)
• A vertical hair line running from navel (Linea Nigra)
• Itching sensations in skin
• Changes in hair and nail growth
• Spider veins (Telangiectasia) and Varicose veins (read it here )

Why Does it Happen?

The answer to this question is simply the hormonal changes that are taking place or took place in your body post or during the pregnancy. The red marks due to increased blood circulation, changed hormonal level, swelling – these are most common during or after the pregnancy. Here are main causes –
• Less blood flow in lower section while increased flow in upper section may cause varicose veins
• Change in tummy area after pregnancy cause loose skin and stretches over it.
• As hormones are trying to return to normal level, hair loss from scalps or brittle nails may come in effect.

How it Affects Skin?

During pregnancy, high blood circulation and moisture in body adds some glow to the skin. The stretched skin has some pinkish glow due to this.
But once you deliver the baby, the belly becomes normal and causes stretch marks on it. The main areas which lose their charm and tightness are – Face, Tummy, hands and thighs.
See how you can recover the old YOU and look younger after pregnancy.

How to Gain Youth Back after the Pregnancy?

Relying upon the face packs, beauty products to cover the marks or spots or using the clothes to hide loose skin is not the solution. If you want to changes – use natural ways as they last longer and you can actually attain that tight and youthful skin back with some efforts. The real and long lasting beauty comes from within you. Let us begin with exercising. Oh, wait! Know its benefits to get a motivating start.

What are the Benefits of Exercising For New Moms?

For healthy and tight skin after pregnancy, regular exercise can help in below-mentioned ways –
Exercising increases the blood flow and thereby nourishing the skin cells to improve their health.
• Increases oxygen inhaling from the air due to work-out allows the nutrients to circulate in the whole body and tightens the skin.
• Sweating releases toxic elements out through our skin. It also lessens the spots, rashes, and scars (provided – you are not exercising in the sun to harm yourselves with the ultraviolet rays).
Exercise has the following benefits for postpartum women (other than for skin only):
• Pregnancy can steal your energy and strength as it needs a lot of calories. By exercising, strengthen and tone abdominal muscles again.
• Exercising increases appetite and boosts energy.
• The sudden changes are not always acceptable and cause depressing situations. So, to prevent postpartum depression, exercising is the best way.
• You must have spent many sleepless nights, to take a goop nap, exercising helps a lot.
• It is a stress-reliever.

Types of Exercises to Tighten Skin after Pregnancy

Not every exercise is effective for everything. Same is true for tightening the skin, check below and know which exercises are good for it –

arm plank
Planks are the isometric exercises to tighten the skin of whole abdominal area along with strengthening it.

Learn its benefits and method here in detail.

This is basically an abs exercise to regain the fibers, increase the intensity and nourish the skin.

Triceps Kickbacks
triceps kickbacks
For backs of the upper arm, triceps kickbacks are perfect to rely upon.

Bicep Curls
bicep curls
The front part of arms and muscles of the same area are tightened and strengthened by trying Bicep curls.

Types of Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises increase the skin glow by increasing the oxygen flow in blood. Here are some breathing exercises to consider –
KapalBhati is also known as Skull Shining Breathing Technique or Frontal Brain Purification
The name of KapalBhati itself means “Shining Forehead”. It can bring back the glow of your face. It is a relaxing exercise with many physical advantages. KapalBhati helps improve the blood circulation in the lower half of the body (which was least and disturbed during pregnancy) along with perfecting the functioning of the whole body.
Note: Before start practising it, you must have completed 6 months post your pregnancy. Consider asking your doctor before you begin.
Procedure for KapalBhati
• Sit on the ground, crossing your legs, with the straight spinal cord.
• Inhale slowly to fill the maximum air in your lungs.
• Once done- exhale along with simultaneous contraction-release procedure of the abdomen muscles.
• Repeat the same for 10 breathes.
• Try to perform 3 sets of this procedure as you excel in it.
• Mainly you have to focus on constant exhale. The inhale is done with concentrating on it. This breathing yoga might confuse you when you do it for first time. But just in 2-3 days you will understand the technique.
• A video to explain the procedure:

Other Breathing Exercises

Besides KapalBhati, here are some simple breathing exercises to perform –
• Anuloma-Viloma (Inhale-exhale cycle from alternate nostrils)
• Deep Breathing
• Bramri (making sound like humming bee while exhaling with closing your eyes by fingers)

Meditation for Healthy & Glowing Skin

Stress also causes weight gain or loss which can loosen your skin after the delivery. To release, stress, tension and anxiety, practice meditation. It will also keep you happy all the day.

What to Eat: Foods for Natural Beauty

Your diet must be healthy with many antioxidants and nutrients. For tightening the skin after pregnancy, try these foods –
• Goji Berries: Densely packed with Iron, calcium, amino acids, loads of minerals and vitamins. One of super foods for younger looking skin. These berries stimulate the human growth hormones. They improve immunity and reduces fats.
goji berries
• Pomegranate
• Dark Chocolate
• Apples
• Prunes
• Juicy fruits
• Drink a lot of water
• Flax Seed
• Sweet Potato
• Spinach and other leafy greens
• Tomato
• Walnuts and Avocado
• Blueberries, Strawberries
Note: Green Tea is good for skin but avoid taking it if your baby is breastfed.

Other Noteworthy Tips

• Feel good and confident in your new body (Taking tension and doing nothing for gained gain is not going to help you)
Exfoliate: Try scrubbing and exfoliating the skin while you take the bath, it increases blood flow and thus benefiting your skin.
• Exercise and meditate regularly.
• Take the balanced diet with enough nutrients and antioxidants as you are breastfeeding.
Will you still keep thinking how to look younger after pregnancy or take the necessary steps instantly?
Stop complaining and try above ways. Before you go – If I have missed some beneficial method regarding skin tightening, please add it here by commenting below!


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