How to Know if You Are Carrying a Baby Boy?


Signs of Baby Boy in Indian Pregnant Mothers

Note: This article doesn’t support misogyny in any way. Please be informed that the information given below has no scientific base. This is just a compilation of, findings and experiences of yesteryears pregnant women and some old wives’ tales.
Soon, as her womb develops fully, every pregnant woman starts guessing, [if it will be a girl or a boy]. I know how thrilled you are. I know when thinking about a name for your baby, you start making predictions about your baby’s gender. And, today we will try to guess if you are conceiving a baby boy, as I am myself, a mother of two little boys. Hence, I would tell you some of my observations: those signs that I witnessed when I was pregnant.
First, let’s start with that part of your body, where your baby resides:

14 Signs that tell you if you are carrying a Baby Boy or Girl during Pregnancy

Baby Bump Shape

bump shape
Bump means the abdomen region of a pregnant woman. The tone of our body’s muscles can speak a lot about our baby’s gender. In both of my pregnancies, I had a watermelon-shaped tummy. In other words, my tummy looked more round in shape. Women who have egg-shaped baby bump they are expected to give birth to a baby girl. Their baby bumps are somewhat oval in shape. If you have gained more weight near your abdomen region, you are more likely to hold a beauty in your arms. If not, then expect to see a brat. (Please note that again none of the signs have any scientific base, my cousin sister had a wide bump and she delivered a baby boy. Let’s just have fun of guess game, just to let expectant mommy have fun time)

Hips Region

wide hips
If your hips have got enlarged, then you would give birth to a baby girl. Large hip size helps in making the process of delivery, quite easy and quick; hence, you should be happy. If your hips are as it is, just like it used to be before pregnancy, this indicates that you would be having a boy. Now, I understand why boys are considered more troublesome than girls.
Usually, with expanded hips, your pelvic bone also widens and that would make your baby’s birth process, short. Still, all of us have different body types, some women having narrow hips have broad pelvic bones. So don’t follow my guesswork blindly.

Pee’s Color

If your pee looks dark yellow in color, that would hint towards having a boy. But, if your pee looks opaque or should I say less yellow in color, then you would give birth to a baby girl. I guess now the line, “Pink for girls, blue for boys” should be changed to “White for girls, yellow for boys”.

Walking Style

Before starting a walk, if you would forward your right foot first, seeing this, many elderly women in India would tell that you have a baby boy inside. A baby girl, like an army commander would make you walk saying, “Left-right-left-right-left, mamma!” This means with a baby girl, you would start your walk by forwarding your left foot first.

Feet’s Temperature

feet temperature
If you feel your feet to be cold, most of the times, then you should expect a baby boy. If not, then a baby girl is on her way. Now, you know, why the word ‘hottie’ is mainly used, with reference to the girls.

Face’s Look

face look
Your cheeks would start looking chubby, due to the disposition of fat in there. That’s quite normal for every pregnant woman, but women who are carrying a baby girl; their face would look all puffed up more than normal.
A mother carrying a baby boy would have oily skin and frequent acne breakouts. With oily skin, your skin would look duller. On the other hand, your beauty conscious baby girl would give you no acnes and thereby she would keep glowing, though you would have a puffed up face.
According to a different theory, if you look more beautiful in your pregnancy than pre-pregnancy then you are carrying a baby boy and if you look dull then its baby girl. They say as a girl baby takes beauty hormones the mother runs out of it for herself, whereas a baby boy doesn’t need much of the beauty hormones, mom in fact gets more from the production of beauty hormones during her pregnancy. That didn’t work with me. 

Hair’s Health

hair health
During your pregnancy, if you tend to have less hair fall and/or your hair looks all glossy instead of looking lifeless and dull, it’s a sign that your baby boy doesn’t want to hear your naggings that you would make, over your fallen strands of hairs.

Nipple’s Color

If your nipple’s color is dark brown, this would show that you have a baby boy in your womb. If your nipple’s color is somewhat black, it would tell that you would have to nurture a baby girl.

Back Pain

back pain in pregnancy
If there’s a baby boy inside your womb, you would suffer from back pain; also your stomach would ache at times. But if there’s baby girl, you would feel a sense of pain, only in your stomach. Told you, boys are little troublemakers.

Heart Rate

heart beats
In one of the regular visits to your doctor, you could find out, at what rate your baby’s heart is beating/ per minute. While checking on your baby, if your doctor says that your baby’s heart is beating at a speed less than 140 bpm (beats per minute), this would imply that you are about welcome a new guy in your house.

Body Weight

body weight in pregnancy
Now see your overall body structure, if you have gained weight everywhere, in almost each body part, then you are about to buy tutu frocks and cute headgears, for a little princess. And, if you have not gained much weight, except the part, near and around your tummy region; you could assume that you would have to watch cartoon series of superheroes and dragons with him on the TV.
So, these were some of the physical indications to expect a baby boy. Now let’s see some physiological indications to see if it’s a boy.

Sleeping Position

pregnant sleeping
If you usually sleep on your left side, it would be a boy. If not, then be ready to say ‘Hi’ to a girl. This implicit fact gives me an impression, as if the baby is remote-controlling his mama, like a robot.

Womb Carrying Style

carrying pregnancy
See, if you carry your womb while walking, with demure and grace that would hint towards having a girl child. If you walk all awkwardly, in short like a caveman, then maybe you would have a baby boy to give birth. Seems like your baby boy would make you forget, all your womanly manners. I used to walk like a penguin during last 2 months of my both of pregnancies. That is why they say every pregnancy and baby is unique. But, wait! Let us finish the guess game.

Food Cravings

eating and craving
Women, who watch Bollywood movies occasionally, must be familiar with this logic. Even you would have understood by now, what I am going to tell you. Still, I would speak it out, especially for those ladies who are not Bollywood fanatics.
So, here’s the thing, if you feel like eating all savory and tangy tasting foods like citrus fruits, pickles, tamarinds, raw mango, food recipes which use curd as the main ingredient I am not talking about ‘Misthi Doi’ (Sweet Curd) etc. then it means you would have to parent a baby boy.
Beside these logics, there are some famous charts made for [gender prediction in India] , but on surfing the Internet it seems like China’s gender chart seems to be popular, even in India.
These were some of the symptoms that would make you suspect if you are going to be a mother, of a boy. Don’t forget, they are not scientifically proven facts. In India, I guess some of these facts only, help your talkative maid and your nosy neighborhood aunties, in predicting your baby’s gender. But you and I know, that whether it be a baby girl or baby boy; having children in life, is in itself a wonderful experience. Hence, this was just to satisfy your little curiosity. So now you can stop [predicting your baby’s gender], and start reading some good books on parenting.


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