How to Introduce Graphics Designing to Kids?


Simplest Graphic Design Tool for Kids and Newbies

Creativity is the ultimate weapon using which a graphic designer can excel in the domains like entertainment, web, printing and advertisement. Today, I would like to share some basic graphic designing ideas from my personal experience that even a primary school student can understand and implement in a range of tasks like school projects and creative cards designing.

User Friendly, No-S/w Installation And FREE!!!

I use graphic designing for my blogs and content marketing needs. I am not a professional graphic designing maestro or have a relevant degree or certificate. I just use it for my own work.
There are plenty of online tools and websites offering free graphic designing service but the websites I am going to talk about today don’t cost you anything. You can avail a friendly and gripping interface while using these websites.
And, you don’t have to install any software either. I am creating this content just for educational and learning purpose. I am not associated with these platforms by any means.
Well, to inspire you a bit, the idea behind creating this educational post hit my mind when my son who studies in grade 2, created a wonderful decorative card in just 10 minutes using this tools. Believe me, I just taught him for just a couple of minutes. If he can, why can’t you?
Are you ready to get familiar with these tools? Here we go!

The Secrete Tool is: is a free online graphic designing website that helps people (mainly from digital marketing field) avail the basic graphic designing needs on the platform in a tailored way. This can be used for school projects, digital marketing and many other tasks, Even women can use it for Work from Home jobs in digital designing. You can access the platform searching on your browser. You will have to sign up first. Canva rarely sends newsletters so you can sing up without worrying of spams.

Templates to Work at Beginning

You can find a collection of engaging templates on the platform that you can customize and use for social media, A4 size images, greetings or invitation cars and so forth. For learning or commercial purpose, Facebook post canvas is a great choice while for kids, A4 size will do the trick.

How to Design a Card on

Open a Basic Template Like FB Post

canva selecting image size
After opening a specific design, there are many paid as well as free readymade templates there. Some of the best premium templates will show the $ sign. Students or kids can stick with the free templates and learn the basics.

Introduction to Tool Panel

canva basics
While you are on the panel, there are some options on the left side including Text, Element, Layout, Background and Upload. Choosing the upload option, you can upload your personal photo from computer, tab or mobile and use it in the design.

About Using Images

image upload
If you want to create an engaging design fast which is copyright free, try choosing a low file size image from one of the free image platforms like On Pixabay, you can read the license terms and pick the small or medium size photo download option. You may or may not be asked to enter the Captcha on the platform while downloading the image. Now, you can upload the downloaded image or already present available image on Canva’s design panel. You can also choose from the free images available on You can resize, rotate, use filters or do other modifications with the image dragging it to the canvas.

Use Frames from Elements

In the element section, there are some free frames for your images. You can simply pick a frame from the list and drag it to the canvas. You can drop your image inside the frame and adjust its proportion as well.

Other Features in Elements

Kids will love the Illustrations, Shapes, Icons from Elements to use on their canvas. Let kids explore this section, while you can just introduce the frames.

Using Text

You may not want the pre-written text on the free images. To customize the text portion, you can pick an attractive text art from the list. Before settling on a specific art, explore the whole list first.

Tips for Designing

1) First decide the template or decide the background, make use of frames and shapes too.
2) Download the .JPG format if you want low image size.
3) I personally do not make the designs Public, so I keep the top right button as it is (If you click on Make Public then it becomes public, till then it appears only on your login)
4) By default the design work is stored on your use account. You don’t have to download it everytime.

A Few Notes

This is just a friendly suggestion for educational purpose. Controlled screen time is very important.
For small kids, this website is a boon as they can enjoy the digital graphics designing and start learning to use the computer special the function of mouse. Kids can easily complete their school projects, make creative cards and even the complicated designs using the free designing tool.
For the grown-ups, around 10-12 years old, the website is an easy and quick solution to create engaging logos and comic series.
By introducing to your kids, you can let their imaginations get the wings. All you need to do is introduce the website to your kids and show them some examples and leave the rest on them. This will avoid restricting their imaginative capability.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Always keep an eye on your kid’s computer screen as inappropriate contents may pop up sometime. Especially while searching the images in or on
You can also watch the educational tutorial on graphic designing for kids by clicking on the given link.
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