How to Improve Fertility & Get Pregnant Naturally


How to Reverse Infertility: Natural ways to get pregnant

The growth of having infertility issue has increased a lot with time. Experts have concluded that modern day’s lifestyle and food habits are the main reason for infertility, miscarriage, low birth weight, and premature birth. You can have a healthy baby and pregnancy trimester by bringing balance into your body and diet. Infertility is a sign of a deteriorating health but correcting it with proper measure one can easily achieve it.
Nowadays Infertility has become a major issue. But, in some cases you don’t need these expensive treatments. You can win your infertility naturally. Hopefully these natural methods may boost your fertility naturally.
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Infertility can be treated but first knowledge of the reason which is causing infertility is important – likewise, whether it is due to any disease or any deficiency and more. Some of these causes which may tend to increase infertility chances are:

What causes infertility?

Disturbances in Hormonal Balances

If you are missing your menstrual cycle then you have to consult your gyne as missing menses increases chances of infertility, which increases miscarriage. It will create difficulties during conceiving. It is same as in men. If there is imbalance in male hormone it will create problems like low sperm count, low libido, erectile dysfunction, poor sperm quality etc.

Low Cervical Mucus

When the cervical mucus is too acidic, dry, scant then sperm cannot make their way through it to the cervix. It is basically due to low water intake in body, hormonal imbalance, cervical fibroid, poor circulation, mediation containing hormone etc

• Poor egg health
• Poor immune response or autoimmune response
• Low body weight or obesity
• Drinking and smoking habit
• Long-term use of some medications
• Cancer, diabetes etc
• Ovarian cyst
• Endometriosis

Extreme stress

Stress may cause infertility in some people, when we are in extreme stressful condition presence of adrenaline causes inhibition of progesterone hormone which is must for fertility. It also increases prolactin level which also increases infertility issues. The increase in the level of adrenaline causes the release of luteinizing hormone which suppresses sexual behaviour. Our body is designed to prevent conception when we are high in stress so try to meditate and consult a psychologist for better treatment.

How to Reverse Infertility Naturally?

Ongoing with infertility issue are stressful sometimes but tackling it with mutual understanding helps a lot to both partners. First checkups for infertility is must and when you find out who have fertility issue tackling it smartly and addressing an appropriate solution to your problem is all you need. Some things are easily resolved with a healthy lifestyle and regular checkups.

Mark Your Fertile Days

Availability of eggs is for the very short period of time. Most of the couple don’t know when to have sex to conceive, they don’t have knowledge about their fertile days, no matter how hard you are preparing yourself without getting knowledge about your ovulation days nothing could happen. Ovulation days are when your egg is released and it is ready for makeup. Women with irregular periods may have difficulty in judging then it’s better to ask your gyne for a cure.

How to Predict Ovulation Day?

Nowadays basal body temperature kit & ovulation predictor kit is available in the market which will give you an idea of the release of ovulation so you can plan it according to it basically they depend on the surge of luteinizing hormone which releases before ovulation. The other natural thing you can do to know your ovulation day is by subtracting 14 from your cycle.

Conceiving Position & Frequency

Are You Doing it Right?

There are different ways to perform sex and some are believed to increases chances of conceiving. According to studies, no one is authenticated as such so pick up one position as the main purpose is to ejaculate in right way for proper penetration. For example, in the case of gravity pull in which seminal fluid drawn towards the vagina by rising hips a little will allow proper penetration of semen.

How Much Should One Do It?

When the frequency of sex is too fast it causes impact on male sperm quality and quantity, decreasing its sperm count. It also eliminates elements from male body which causes another health issue as well as if there is no ejaculation in a week it will also make sperm dead or damaged so try to have sex two, three times a week.

Preventing Chronic Disease

Due to some diseases like diabetes, PCOD, Thyroid etc., people are not able to conceive but one can increase their chances of getting pregnant by management of the disease so that condition may not deteriorate further.

How Exercise is Helpful in Infertility?

Body’s movement is must for people who are heading towards conceiving even Doctors have suggested exercise and other therapy in order to get freshly oxygenated blood to our body’s cell and organs like uterus, eggs, heart, liver following things can help in your body’s movement.
• The message offers circulation of blood in the body also allow detoxification by purging fresh oxygen to cell and tissue also relaxes the body.
• Hot bath Taking hot bath have believed to show a good conceiving effect from the ancient time it relaxes body and mind also improve circulation of blood.
• Exercise burns out fat and increases overall body’s blood circulation which helps the body in the revealing process.
• Meditation can heal and also rejuvenate cell of our body it decreases stress which also effects conceiving ability.
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Cleansing Fertility

Building healthy fertility helps you a lot and one of the best solutions for creating balance into the system is by the cleansing body to make your endocrine system work more efficiently. Nowadays, stress, improper food habits, sleeping abbots etc cause fluctuations in hormones which lead to improper secretion of hormones that help in conceiving and pregnancy so it’s better to cleanse your body for an appropriate balance of hormones.

How can Cleansing of the Body be Done?

• By nourishing endocrine and reproductive system
• Detoxify harmful toxins from body with natural cleanser
• Meditation for mental health
• Proper sleeping habits is must
• Avoid tobacco, alcohol, illicit drug etc as it will decrease sperm count

Nutrition for Healthy Egg

Food has a great effect on our heath what we eat and drink is what emerges out like a person who has a healthy diet always have a healthy sperm and ova he or she also have healthy conceiving power and baby, that person who is trying for baby must have foods which increase fertility help. Diet can help a lot to a person seeking for infertility Always eat the desired amount of protein, fibre, carbohydrates nutrients and vitamins in your diet & take frequent and small meals.
If you are diagnosed with infertility for any unidentified problem and issue then you should try to have this healthy eating method and look for a good lifestyle it will bring your body back to that normal. So, before starting up to look out these measures today:
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Food that Lowers Fertility

• Processed food may contain preservative, pesticide and other harmful substances which will lead to decrease fertility, egg quality, hormonal issue etc
• Caffeine is not good for you fertility as it restricts our body to absorb iron and calcium.
• Soy product contain genistein which is believed to lowers sperm count and even can destroy sperm.
• Red meat is not good for female fertility so avoid it.
• Alcohol and other illicit substances reduce sperm and ova quality it’s better to quit it if you wanted to conceive.

Basics of Fertility Diet

• Protein Diet protein l influence our hormonal health also they are must in our diet Protein from the egg, beans, nuts, white meat etc are helpful in making healthy egg quality.
• Water: water helps to remove out toxins from our body and helps our body to heal properly so it can deliver nutrients and minerals properly into the body it also show influences in our hormonal balance.
• Carbohydrate Carbs helps in making fertility more healthy including foods like whole grains, vegetables etc as it allows healthy development of the body.
• Good fats are also categorized in different type trans fat saturated fats and processed fats have a bad effect on fertility, in order to conceive our body needs these good fats which can help in healthy development as well as infertility these are oily fish, salmon, nuts, walnuts omega 3 oil supplements etc.
• Lots of veggies and fruits eating: vegetable & fruit are itself is a detoxifier they rejuvenate cells and fill your body with vitamins and minerals they also provide vital nutrients to the body.

Nutrients must for HER

The female body undergoes a lot of things it needs that much of nutrients and minerals to fill up those holes which deteriorate female health. Some of these are also responsible for female fertility. Here are the lists of nutrients which affect female fertility:
• Vitamin C it is the nutrient which helps in the ovulation process, adding Vit C rich foods in the diet daily may help you in getting pregnant these foods are oranges, kiwi, blueberries, mangoes etc.
• Vitamin E is helpful to increase hormone function in female & it is obtained from egg yolk, broccoli, green leafy vegetables etc.
• Vitamin B6 it helps in the regulation of female sex hormones estrogens and progesterone it have direct impact on sexual health it can also increase the chances of conception in women they are naturally found in soybean, peanuts, banana.
• Zinc according to studies deficiency of zinc causes trouble while having a baby and it is advised to take 15 mg of zinc daily in the form of food like eggs, whole grains, sunflower seeds, beetroots etcy.

Nutrients for HIM

• Eating well can do a lot to a male sperm and its quality here are some essential nutrients which can improve men’s fertility.
• Omega 3 fatty acid, it helps in quality and viability of sperm.
• Vitamin E, increases sperm quality and its production.
• Vitamin C, improves sperm count in men as well as it prevent clumping of sperm.
• Zinc, helps in the production of male sex hormones like testosterone as well as semen which influence the quality of sperm.


If you are trying to give your pregnancy a power but with a natural way than supplementing is the best option, there are many supplements which can increase natural fertility also fulfill nutrients and minerals requirement also they do not require any doctor’s prescription. There are some other herbal treatments present like vitex & maca herbs they can boost fertility issue. Doctors consultation is must before taking any supplements.
The prenatal vitamin helps in increasing sperm count and also decreases infertility risk supplements like vitamin c. Carnitine, folic acid, vitamin D no other supplements couples must ensure that they are getting these supplements.

Yes, it takes times!
Nothing is possible in a day so, Don’t hurry whether it feels bad of low we can’t help it out because it takes time to understand our body and with a pace of time your infertility issue will get resolve out and so as your quality of egg will improve automatically so don’t put yourself in stress whether it will take one month, 4 months or year you just need to be relaxed and get into the process of motherhood happily not by forcefully.


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