How to Improve Concentration for Work from Home?


How Working from Home Moms can Improve Concentration?

While my earlier blog spoke in depth about some solid benefits of why working from home was a great option for new and other moms. Now that we have felt happier about working from home, we need to focus our attention towards retaining this enthusiasm about working from home and avoid getting distracted and improve our work quality by increasing our focus and concentration as there are numerous things around your home which can divert your concentration from your work.

Create a Workplace for Yourself

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The most important part of working from home is to clearly specify your boundaries. If you have a separate room specified as your office with a set up like your desktop/ laptop, Broadband connection & some essential stationary- you are heading in an absolutely right direction. Usually when working from home, it is very difficult to make people at home understand that you are actually WORKING and they can always distract you every now & then. So its always better to have your office space separately. Not only will you be able to concentrate on your work but will not get unnecessarily disturbed by other house members. It will be a bad idea to work out of the living room, refraining kids or others from watching TV while you are finishing your work.

Take Bath & Start Your Day Refreshed

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As I mentioned in my earlier blog that you do not have to dress up formally as you are not going out to work but that does not mean that you do not take bath and start working in your night suit. If you start working just straight getting out of your bed, it will not help you concentrate on your work. So it is best to start your work after taking bath as you will not only feel fresh but also energetic.

Fix up a Routine with Specified Breaks

Just like setting up boundaries of our workplace, it is all the more important to set up a routine for your work. Make sure that you have a start time every day and also have small & frequent breaks every 2 hours. Set up alarms so that you will be reminded of the breaks as there are no other people working along with you to remind you of the breaks. Its very easy to get carried away and not move yourselves from the desk or the sofa for a long time while working but it is equally important that you take frequent breaks & stretch; this will refresh you and increase the concentration.

Keep your Work Place Clutter-Free

Since you are working from home, it becomes really easy to mess up the place as there is no one to supervise you like a boss or a colleague, however it is very important to be organized as you are all on your own & if you misplace some important stuff, you are going to suffer the loss & invest your energies unnecessarily in doing that thing all over again or waste your time trying to find that missing document. A neat place will give positivity & will help you carry your work efficiently.

Plan to Go Out After Work

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Since working from home and again being at home after finishing work can be really taxiing, plan to go out every day, say like going out to a coffee shop, catch up on a movie, going out to the park with kids, take up swimming classes/ hobby classes or even going out for dinner. This gives a nice break from routine and will motivate you to work while looking forward to your after work activity.
These are some tips that will help you improve your concentration while you work from home and it is quite natural that in spite of following these tips you still may feel bored, tired or distracted at times. Well in that case you should give in to that moment & take a break from your routine and simply relax for some time and get rejuvenated all over again.


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    great tips! I find it difficult to concentrate after working continuously for several hours so I make it a point to pause for a short while every now and then to give my mind time to relax.

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