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Tips to Keep Air Pure around Baby

There are various factors that influence healthy living. One of this is simply the air we breathe. Several diseases are airborne this is why it is necessary to ensure that we breathe purified air. Impure air affects a new born baby’s health and also pregnancy, like asthma, allergy, lung disease or premature birth.
There are several air purifier devices as well as methods one can apply to purifier indoor air. Medical assistants are one of the individuals prone to airborne diseases mainly due to their field of work.
This is why most governments have set out laws to ensure that air circulation in hospitals is controlled through purification. These purification methods can be used in the home as well.

Methods of Air Purification

Indoor air quality is controlled or affected by several factors namely; humidity, temperature and chemical-contaminants. All these factors are covered by the below mentioned methods.

1. Ventilation

This might seem like a common or simple idea but it carries a lot of weight. This is actually the simplest and cheapest method that you can apply at all enclosed environments.
Due to the simplicity of the method, the government made it compulsory for every room to have ventilation duct installation. Air purification mainly relies on constant air circulation. This is great for your nursery.
Ventilation effectiveness simply works in accordance with the laws of nature since air is always on constant movement, the ventilations provides the room with an exit and entrance root.
It is advisable that even with the ventilation ducts, to open the windows and doors during the day to allow full air circulation. Some of the main benefits of ventilation ducts include:
– Air circulation
– Air conditioning
– Humidity control

2. Purifier Devices

air purifier

As mentioned above there are various devices developed by different manufactures that help in air purification. It is up to the nurse or individual to know the best fit for their environment.
There are some factors that one should take into consideration to make the right choice. Some of these factors include:
– Space- you should choose a device that will be able to work efficiently in regards to the size of the room or house. The purifier devices come in different sizes and functionality to fit different room sizes.
– Reason of use- for those that intend to install the purifier in nurseries, it is essential to ensure that you pick a product that is durable as well as ensures a high level of purification.
– Affordability- in order to avoid spending a lot of money on faulty products, it is advisable to compare various devices in terms of specifications and price in order to make the right choice.
These are just some of the several key factors that should be considered. One can be able to improve nursery air quality with air purifier at LuxuryHomeStuff.

3. Air Conditioning

In most cases during summer, people tend to prefer to open windows or doors as opposed to using installed cooling systems. Most people do this just in reduce electricity bills.
What you do not know is that with opening the windows you tend to let air pollutants in. There are simple ways in which you can be able to cool your room is a cheaper way. These methods include:
– Using ceiling fans
– Reduce the use of appliances that emit a lot of heat
– Use of window heat blocking treatments
Once you try out the above methods you will be able to avoid the temptation of keeping the window open for long durations.

4. Plants

This is the one of the natural methods of ensuring that you breathe clean and quality air. As you already know plants tend to use carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. This means that the oxygen content you breathe will increase.
This is highly beneficial for children and babies that are still developing physically. It is however advisable to choose plants that have a high leaf content and low flower content and if possible choose plants that do not have flowers.
The reason behind this is due to the fact that some people tend to be allergic to pollen. Plants that have high leaf content tend to provide higher levels of air purification.

Plants which Purify Air

(Images of Plants: Credit: WikiMedia)
1. Snake Plant
2. Spider Plant
3. Dracaena
4. Bamboo Palm
bamboo palm
5. Aloe
6. Peace lily
peace lily
7. Rubber Tree

5. Air Filters

clean the filters
Apart from air purifiers, there are some air filters that one can install to ensure that all air contaminants are removed. There are two main types of air filters namely; Central systems and portable air systems.
It is advisable to install the central air systems when dealing with nurseries of work areas. Portable air systems can easily be used at home. With these systems you will have to ensure that you replace them regularly to ensure proper filtration.

6. Contaminant Elimination

In every household or work environment, there are some main items or individuals that tend to lead to air contamination. For instance, if there is a smoker around, it is advisable to tell the individual to smoke outside.
Some of the other factors that you should consider to check are items that emit excessive moisture, dust and chemicals. Items that tend to emit chemical pollutants include; paint, synthetic fibers and detergents.

7. Alternative Light Sources

This method mainly deals with alternative light sources like candles. One of the candles types that you should try to avoid is paraffin candles. The main reason behind this is due the fact that these products tend to emit petroleum byproducts.
The best types of candles are beeswax candles since they provide clean burning and tend to ionize air. Ionization of air is highly beneficial since it tends to neutralize the toxic components in air.
Apart from that, they tend to burn slowly so they will save you some extra money.

8. Activated Charcoal

They are also referred to as just carbon. The main benefit of using activated charcoal is due to the fact that they are odorless and tend to absorb air contaminants. This is one of the cheapest methods of air purification.
Apart from that they are readily available from various store including supermarkets.

9. Salt Lamps

salt Lamp

Also referred to as Himalayan pink salt, tends to remove toxins from the air and neutralize the contaminants. They also provide various health benefits and highly portable. This means that you can be able to place it at any place in the house or room.

10. Ionizers

As mentioned above, air ionization is highly beneficial. There are various products that mainly dwell with air ionization. These products are readily available from various stores. In fact most air filters tend to have ionizers.

These are some of the simple methods that you can use to ensure that your nursery has clean air at all times. It is advisable to research more on the best indoor air purifier for a healthy family.

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