How to Help Your Child Sleep Better


Must-Follow Practices to help Your Child Sleep Better

Making kids sleep quickly and peacefully can be sometimes challenging for parents sometimes. The reasons of facing difficulty with the sleep can be different. Sometimes your child may be hungry while sometimes being overtired can make him irritated. A room full of light, people, things or noise can also make a child anxious. Before knocking the physician’s or pediatrician’s door, you can try these things to make your toddler /child calm and achieve a peaceful sleep.

1. Meditation: Breath and Chant!

I make my kids do 3-5 deep breathing, followed by 3-5 Om chanting every night on bed just before sleeping. This 2 minute routine helps them give a full stop to the day. The deep breathing and Om makes mind free of thoughts and hence help in better sleep. Chanting Om also provides inner peace and relieves one from the worldly pains. Mental disturbances, disturbances from the world and that from the inner self can make a person stressed and anxious.
Om chanting frees a person from all the disturbances and helps them calm down for a peaceful sleep. This not only works with adults but with kids too. If your baby is too small to do this, its recommended that you do it in front of the child, they try copying n learn gradually. Also just hearing the om chanting is also beneficial for the little ones.
Its very much recommended for the pregnant women n breastfeeding moms too.

2. Listen to Soothing Music

There are some magical pieces of music available on YouTube like rain-forest, flute, and meditation special or while-sleeping music. Such pieces of music create a stress-free environment and help the listener connect with their inner self.
A soothing music can lower the heart rate and make the breathing process slower. Listening to the soft soothing music makes kids fall asleep faster.

3. A Must and last Trip to Bathroom

Running for toilet in the middle of the night disturbs their sleep. Hence, make them pee just before sleeping. Also try making a habit of having a glass full of water nearly an hour before sleeping so they can get the bladder emptied before hitting the bed.

4. No Excuses to Early Dinner

Eating dinner early helps to keep the biological clock of a human body well-functioning. Early dinner will give a child the time to digest and hence the body is relaxed when your child is on bed. Also, a child can wake up energized after a good nap.

5. A Warm Bath

Taking a hot bath 30 to 60 minutes prior to the sleep can promote a sound sleep. A hot water bath raises the temperature of the skin and the body which is directly related to the sleep according to studies. A warm shower will make body clean fresh and it’s therapeutic too.

6. Magically Effective Foot and Head Massage

A quick foot massage with moisturizer and head message with coconut oil can help kids fall asleep instantly. A massage improves the blood circulation which is very much needed to relax the body and hence for a sound sleep. A gentle massage improves the sweat secretion of the body and hence saves from various health issues.
A child who had a peaceful sleep becomes more tolerant and patient. Small babies need enough sleep and frequent feeding for a good health. Also, if your child/baby sleeps well, you will be happy to see you’re little one elated and active in the morning. The above tips are effective in helping new moms, expectant women and children attain a peaceful sleep.


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