How to Give Liquid Medicine to Your Baby?


Using Syringe to Feed Medicine to a Baby

Most of the medicines don’t taste good as they are not made to satisfy the taste buds. Babies are very difficult to feed the medicines. Some medicines are sweet but the baby is not cooperative and hence nuisance is faced by the parents while feeding him the medicines. Neither you can leave the medicine doses nor can you go harsh to the baby. Well, syringes can be an effective tool to sort out such problems. Here is how you can use the syringe for your baby

Steps to Feed Medicine by a Syringe to a Baby?

Get a Medicine Feeder Syringe

A Medicine feeder syringe is different than usual syringe and are specially made for the purpose of feeding medicine. It has liquid volume marking too so you can feed precise doses to your child.
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Hygiene before using the syringe

Always wash your hands before feeding your baby anything. When it’s about medication, take special care of the hygiene. We touch many things throughout the day and welcome a plethora of germs and bacteria. Touching a syringe without washing the hands properly may spread those germs and infect the medicine.
Filling the syringe
Always read the instructions given on the back of the medicine to fill the syringe with an appropriate dose. Also, if the medicine is not generic then read the doctor’s prescription first and then fill the syringe accordingly. You can also get the syringe level marked by the doctor or pharmacist.
Press the syringe’s plunger to the bottom so that no air is there inside the syringe.
Enter the syringe’s tip in the medicine bottle or a container in which the medicine has been poured and pull the plunger in one go to the marked level. Always try to avoid the air bubbles in the syringe.

Feed the Medicine Carefully

If it’s a toddler and already aware of medicine to be taken then talk to the child and show the syringe, it’s not scary. Tell the child that he/she would not taste the bitterness of the medicine with this instrument. This way child will be cooperative.
For a baby, just hold the lower jaw carefully, touch the syringe to end of the lips, naturally the baby will open the mouth. Feed the medicine without rushing.
Medicine should not go by surprise in baby’s mouth, because then throwing up is natural reaction.
Don’t Squeeze the Syringe on baby’s Tongue
Put the tip of the syringe close to inner part of cheek and tongue so that they can’t taste it and cry. You can slow down the squeezing process to avoid the medicine get spilled by the baby. If baby get scared or tastes the medicine, he will instantly spill it and all the efforts will get wasted.

Let Toddlers try as well

It’s good to make the medicine squeezing a habit for your baby. Just offer him the syringe filling it with the right amount of dose and tell him to squeeze it exactly like you showed him last time. After few tries, this will become an important chore for him.

Tip: Ice Numbs the Taste Buds

You can also put some chilled water or melting ice on his tongue first with the help of the syringe and then try the same filling it with the medicine as his tongue will become numb by then. This will cut down on your effort and make the process effortless.

Tell Them the Truth

Lying about the medicines to your baby may not go great in the long run. Some day he will realize it and create more nuisances while taking it. It’s better you tell him that this medicine is to cure his health and it’s not something scrumptious. Everyone has to take it and the bitter taste doesn’t last long.

Tips for Eye Drops: Let the Temperature Normalize

Babies often get irritated when something cold falls on their sensitive body parts like eyes. Try to hold the eye drop bottle or medicine bottle in hand for some time and let its temperature become normal. Your baby will have no problem with the eye drops if the temperature is normal and the drops fall on the corner of the eyes.

Consult the Doctor for Options

If your baby is not able to take the fluid medicines or resisting too much while squeezing them ask your doctor about the alternatives. Your baby may like sweet tablets.
Being parents is a very difficult and responsible job. You have to tolerate your baby’s rejections, non-cooperation and cries still his health remains your first priority. The above tips for feeding medicines to your baby through syringe in a smart manner can definitely save your time and efforts and it won’t let your camaraderie with your baby get affected.

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