How to Get Pregnant Faster?


How to Conceive a Baby Fast?

If you browse the internet, about how to get pregnant faster, you will get hundreds of links opening up to this topic. I was rather surprised to observe the number of hits that this particular topic gets. It made me realize that due to various reasons, pregnancy delays are common in women all across the world and that makes them desperate to get pregnant fast and easy.
When I read them, I felt that the help provided were quiet useful but very wide spread. I write this blog to bring some perspective in a way that can be helpful to you and also address issues, myths, practices and beliefs faced by women in getting pregnant naturally.
Delay in pregnancies can only be due to two reason. Number one is some kind of medical issue. Number two will be all other issues that I will put down point wise that are other than medical issues.

Reasons of Delay in Pregnancy and Solutions

So read through ladies, and see if it strikes a chord –
1. Medical issues.
When do we allow ourselves to think that we might need to consult our gynecologist? Try this – Women within the age group of 25-30 should take way less than six months to conceive. Women belonging to age group 30-40 should consider six months as a normal time period. Above 40 women can wait for a year before they can see the stork fly in. If you find yourself crossing this time range, you should talk to your doctor.
An important note to put here is that if there is a medical issue involved in way of getting pregnant, the issue may lie within the woman as well as the man. So both of you needs to talk to the doctor, preferable together. The notion that if a woman cannot conceive, the issue is just within her is completely baseless and if not addressed with awareness your childless state will remain longer than you would want it to be.
While some of you would prefer to pray for the gift of a baby, keep fast and take a pilgrimage, do not skip the medical attention. Also the eat healthy, keep healthy part of it, because only a healthy body can home a healthy baby. Learn here about preparing your body for pregnancy.

2. The non-medical issues are awareness.
Most women do not know what their Fertile Window is, even if some of them are aware of the basic concept and its probable connection to pregnancy. So first lets discuss fertile window –

(Q) What is a fertile window?

(A) The 2-3 days before ovulation is known as the fertile window.

(Q) How do you calculate your fertile window?

(A) Let’s say you have a regular cycle. Most women have a 23 days to 35 days cycle. So if you take the first day of your period as day one and count till you reach the first day of your next period, the number of days in between is your cycle. So what is your fertile window? Typically from Day- 11 to Day 19 should be your fertile window. Chances of pregnancy is the highest during this period.

Fertile Window
fertile window

(Q) What if my menstrual cycle is irregular?

(A) Then it will be a tad difficult to calculate your cycle. It will have to be a hit and trial method to conceive. You will have to have sex on a more regular basis irrespective of what you guess your fertile window must be round this cycle.
You might also want to check with your Gynecologist to help regulate your cycle. I know that there are effective medicines in Homeopathy that regulates an irregular menstrual cycle. It might be a very good idea to get that straightened up well in time irrespective of if you are trying to get pregnant or not.
There are devises found in medical stores that can help detect and keep a track of your fertile window. One is the OPK or the Ovulation Predictor Kit that measures the spike in LH which is the Luteinizing Hormone in the urine. This spike occurs about 36 to 48 hours before ovulation and hence you can plan sex. There is also this devise called the Basal Body Temperature of the BBT. Your body temperature increases slightly during ovulation. If you are recording your BBT on a regular basis you will be able to plan a sexual interaction with your partner to conceive accordingly.

(Q) A little heads-up about Eggs and sperms?

(A) A matured eggs is released from the ovary. The sperms gets deposited in the vagina from where it swims up to the fallopian tube. The egg and the sperm meets in the outer portion of the Fallopian tube where the sperm fertilizes the egg. If the ovary releases more than one matured egg, there are chances of all the eggs getting fertilised. That’s when we get twins or triplets. The life span of a matured egg is 24 hours whereas a sperm survives and retains its fertility for as long as 5-6 days. So having frequent sex a little before ovulation can bring on a pregnancy faster as the sperms can swim up the fallopian tube and wait for the ovary to release a matured egg.

Source of staff. “Blausen gallery 2014”. Wikiversity Journal of Medicine.

(Q) How often should you have sex?

(A) Besides of course the obvious answer, that is, as often as you like it, every alternate days within your fertile window should be enough to ensure a pregnancy. This information is especially vital for women who wants to conceive as fast as possible but does not indulge in sex on a regular basis.

(Q) How important is a fertile window?

(A) Very important. Every menstrual cycle of yours, your ovary will release one matured egg for the sperms to fertilize. Not before, not after. So no matter how many times you manage to get laid, a pregnancy will not happen if you miss the window.

Stop the pills.

That of course goes without saying. Once you decide on getting pregnant, stop taking the birth control pills. It will take a while to get back to your normal cycle, but it eventually will. So stop those a few months before you plan your pregnancy. Once you get on to your normal periods, it will be easier for you to note your cycle and hence calculate your fertile window. If you are on those inject-able birth control methods, you will have to stop them at least nine months ahead of planning your pregnancy. This is very important if you want to conceive easily and fast.

Be stress free in order to conceive faster.

Yes it’s true. And it is applicable for both men and women. When you are stressed out, the adrenaline inflow in the body is high to the point that it indicates the body that it is not the right time to conceive. It reads true for both men and women, because progesterone is present in both the sexes. In women the ovary fails to or delays the release the matured eggs, and in men it affects the quality of sperm and sperm counts. The excess inflow of adrenaline signal creates a resistance in the body to utilize the progesterone hormone that is essential to conceive. The pituitary glands also releases a high level of prolactin that causes infertility to occur.
woman destress
Stress can be of two types – one is the regular work-life balance stress that is an ongoing process. The other type of stress may be caused due to some sudden extreme occurrence, good or bad, like an accident, death in the family or a marriage, excessive travel, shifting, organizing an event etc.

While the first type of stress may or may not affect, the second type almost always strikes a blow, starting from disrupting your regular menstrual cycle to preventing pregnancy, at least for that cycle.

I remember when I came back from honeymoon, my periods were delayed by 15 long days. I got the crams, heaviness and all other symptoms, but the periods did not come. I panicked and rushed to the doctor. I was not really ready for a pregnancy within the first few weeks of marriage. But my pregnancy test results were negative and that’s when the doctor informed me that due to excessive travel and excitement the cycle has been disrupted. ‘Wait for a few more days,’ she advised, ‘and get back to your regular routine.’ I did and things came back to normal in no time.

Sex positions to get pregnant fast

This is a wow topic really. Gives me the liberty to think like a porn writer! But jokes apart, scientifically speaking, and strictly keeping all kinds of myths and beliefs aside, sexual positions should be such that you give a little helping hand to the sperms to reach the fallopian tube where it finally gets to meet his sweetheart matured egg and fertilize. Think of gravity. Everything in this world is affected by the gravitational force, including sperms. So if you give it an advantage of flowing downstream Vs the energy required to swim upstream, you are helping to accelerate conception.
So the regular men-on-top position, the doggy-style and the position where the woman’s legs are spread high and apart with the man in-between her legs comes highly recommended.
Try to keep lying in the horizontal position and relax for a couple of minutes before standing up and rushing to the washroom. The sperms will stay in the vagina a while longer and will be able to swim easily towards the fallopian tube.
Using a cushion under the hip during and after sex gives sperms a momentum.
The thing to remember here is that NOT doing all these does not mean you will not conceive. But doing all these may just accelerate the process of conceiving faster. So says all researches and studies. Like I mentioned, give gravity the advantage spot. That’s the bottom line.

Lastly and most importantly, enjoy the moment, for nothing beats a relaxed, enjoyable and satisfying sex with your partner and that, than anything else, creates the most fertile ground to conceive. Don’t just have sex to make a baby. Have sex to enjoy. And that will make the baby. If this one thing gets installed in the software of your understanding, most of the job is done!

See a Gynaecologist before planning pregnancy.

Ok guys, here please pay some attention, because I believe it’s one of the most important step before you even try to conceive. In fact this is something I should have covered as point number one. But never-the-less, if you are standing at that threshold where you and your partner have started talking about babies, see a doctor. Your doctor will tell you how to prepare your body to make it a healthy and congenial place for your baby to conceive and grow!

When I went to visit my Gynecologist, I was surprised by the things she advised and made me do, things I had no knowledge of. Besides advising on things like if I smoke or drink, I need to quit to getting into a healthy balanced diet of lots of protein and calcium etc., she made me get my hemoglobin counts checked, because that’s one thing gynecologists struggle with, once the woman is pregnant, to test for Rubella and all other dormant viruses that may be present in the body which does not affect us directly but may have tremendous adverse effect on the baby. There may be few vaccinations that your doctor may advise keeping in mind what’s making rounds of the weather, like recently we have been hearing a lot about this Zika virus and how it affects pregnancy.

There are over the counter supplements available in the market that claims to boost the process of getting pregnant. But I would advise you get a word from your gynecologist before getting onto any of them.

So here it is, all that there is to know about how to get pregnant faster. I believe I have covered everything that is there to know in this area. Now since I am writing a footnote to this article, I would like to conclude by saying that all these tips for conceiving a baby and all the other stuff that you might be reading from every other source may be absolutely necessary, do not forget that nature has its way. Give nature a chance, rather than getting into the nitty-gritty of point-to-point sex for making a baby. Love your partner and hold him within you with all you have. Give. Ask. Believe. And let Mother Nature do the rest. Enjoy!
love couple


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