How to Get Passport for a Baby in India?


How Difficult or Easy is it to Get a Passport for a minor in India?

Getting a passport is now really a child’s play

Nowadays it’s common to visit foreign countries for a short vacation as it is very convenient and a great option. Kids love visiting these places as it gives them a pleasant change from the routine. While we usually get our passports done in advance either due to the job constraints or just as a document to support residency proof, we should be prepared to get passport made for the little addition in the family so that when any plans to visit a foreign country is made, your baby should be able to accompany you on the trip. More than a luxury, it is a necessity.
I had applied for a passport for my son when he was just 4 months old. His passport recently expired and I had applied for a reissue of the passport and I realized that the procedures have changed or rather simplified now than earlier days. All the procedures can be done online with a simple click and you are sorted. Here is the look at the procedure involved in applying for the passport. However I would advice that you go through the FAQs first in detail to know more about the procedures involved. Please visit for the FAQ page on services available for procuring passport for minors.

Filing up the application form

You will need to visit the government passport website to get access to the online application form. Either of the parents needs to have a valid passport when you apply for the passport for a minor. The form is very simple and it gives you step by step by instructions to fill up the details. Once all the details are filled up, it gives you a choice to choose the nearest Passport office or Passport Seva Kendra. The payment also needs to be made online and once done; it will give you the appointment at the passport office or the Passport Seva Kendra.

Passport Offices & Passport Seva Kendra

Passport offices (PO) are vested with the authority to issue passports & are opened in all the major places. Passport Office controls Passport Seva Kendras. Passport Seva Kendras (PSK) are the extended arms of passport offices manned by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). PSK handles all the back end functions required for processing all passport applications. Passport Office is responsible for printing, lamination, dispatching etc.

Documents required for baby’s passport

The documents need to be submitted are:
1. Passport size photograph with a white background if the minor is below 5 years.
2. Copy of the birth certificate
3. Copies of parents’ passports
4. Address proof, if the address is different in parents’ passport. Please go through the list of documents that are listed under proof of address.
5. Annexure “H” form signed by both the parents
**Please refer to your local passport office for the list of documentation in case there are any additions to these documents.

Appointment at PSK

When you fill up the application online, you will be given a date and specific time of appointment. Make sure that you are at least 30 minutes before the appointment so that you can get any photocopies done at the last moment, if at all you need to.
If all the documents are in place you will get a message about the status on your registered mobile number. Within 2 days, my son’s passport was printed and dispatched, however timelines may differ from place to place. The passport is always sent through registered speed post & the details of the tracking code gets SMSed to you for easy tracking.
This was a piece of information that I had extracted from the official website to give an overview of procedures involved in getting a passport for minors. Please refer to the government website for the complete formalities in detail. Hope you get benefitted by this information.


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