How to Find a Perfect Baby Name: A Guide for Indian Parents


11 Tips for the Best Picks on Indian Baby Names

Did you find your hours of perfect baby name research fruitful? No? Well, finding a perfect baby name is not at all impossible. The internet is flooded with the baby names. How to find perfect baby name and how to pick the right baby name is challenging. But, understanding the trends and tips is more important than taking a dive into the endless ocean of baby names. Here are 11 best tips to find the perfect baby name.

What Must New Parents Know While Deciding Name for the Baby?

Easy Names for Next-Gen Kids

Save your kid from hassles in future by offering him an easy-to-pronounce name. While leaving the national territories, he may face many troubles due to a tongue-twister name. So, better stick with easy and short names.

Unique Name for Unique Baby

A unique name will offer a unique identity to your kid in class or career. With a unique name, he will be able to stand out in a crowd in every walk of his life. Celebrity or popular people’s kids’ names are often most picked and become common. Try exploring the internet and settle for a suitable and unique name for your baby.

Short is Sweet

Short is Trendy, Short is better when it comes to real name.
Be it filling an application form or getting the name printed on the passport, PAN card or driving license – short names always save your time and sound sweet. Short names often trend and cut down on the pronouncing hassles.

Keep it Simple

If you follow numerology and are adding an extra letter to your kid’s name e.g. ‘aa’ for the letter ‘a’ and ‘ae’ for the letter ‘e’ will bring good luck and prosperity to your kid’s life. But it may be difficult for him/her throughout life to keep repeating the spelling. People stay consumed about how to write or spell such names. Always try to keep the usual spelling of the chosen names. (A quick tip for people who firmly believe in numerology/astrology decide the name according to numerology and astrology conditions and have it as Baby’s Janm Kundali Name and for real name which is official name, find a trendier and simpler name)

Meaning and Origin; Did you Check That?

Sometimes, a name may fascinate you but doesn’t resonate with your culture, religion or positive baby name search. Checking the origin and meaning of the name is very important ditching the misleading or wrong information containing websites and choosing the right websites, where you can explore comprehensively researched baby names with meanings.

The Inspiring Meaning

A meaningful and positive name will always bring great things in your kid’s life. An inspiring name makes the owner feel proud and embellishes his personality.

Innovation is Good

If you are unable to find a unique name and two great names are confusing you then you can make up the names. Two positive names can combine and create a unique name but you should check the origin of both the names and the meaning of the made up name in Sanskrit or Hindi.
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Call the Name Before you Shortlist it

It happens many a times that parents find a name cool, trendy and apt for their kid but later find it difficult to pronounce. It’s better to call the name first imagining calling your baby by that name. This will cut down on your confusion and help you select the right names only.

Pick it and Call for Help

Your job may not end after picking a great and unique name for your baby. Various websites provide different information and therefore it’s important to cross check the origin, positivity and other essential points related to the list of names singled out by you.

It’s Time for Public Pole

Sooner or later, people around your kid will use his name and call him. So, it’s very important to take a review of the picked name going to the friends and relatives for their opinion.

Before Registering a Name!

Always try to get used to with the picked name for at least 10-15 days. Every name has unique characteristics and you can’t expect a special connection with every chosen name. If you feel something strong about a name then only go for registering it on your baby’s birth certificate.

By choosing a unique, meaningful and trendy name which is easy-to-pronounce and inspire people will always bring success and prosperity in your child’s life. A name may sound cool but later your child may wonder what on this earth made you pick that name. So, always choose your baby’s name wisely and try to feel the connection with that name. A great name stays with your child for the lifetime and keeps making him proud.


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An IT professional, a mom of two, Sapana had belly-only pregnancies in her life & has lost 15Kg weight twice. Along with fitness, Sapana is an expert in Indian names & has helped scores of Indian parents to shortlist suitable baby names by virtue of her years of expertise in Sanskrit origin names & logical approach towards cultures & trends during the name research. Drop a comment to get help from her.


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    Senthil Kumar on

    Parents in India want names for their babies which are like no one else has. Rather than just worrying abt the rareness of the name, one must be concern about its meaning. I believe a person feels proud about the meaning of the name more than how stylish it is.

    • Sapana

      Very True. But its not like all parents are after the stylish names only, People have started realizing the importance of the meaning.

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