How to Cook Chicken for Babies: Indian Recipes


How to Make Indian Chicken Soup for Babies?

Chicken is one of amazing healthy baby foods. If you are a chicken eater you know it well. Its tasty and healthy. The chicken recipes for babies are very easy too.

When Can I give Chicken Soup to My Baby?

You can start feeding chicken clear soup to your baby once he/she turns 7 months old. But please remember it is the watery soup and not the actual meat you should start feeding.

When Can I Start Feeding Chicken Meat to My Baby?

Once you try the watery soup for about 2-3 weeks you can try feeding the minced chicken or chicken puree to your baby. This will make sure your baby is ready to start digesting the cooked meat.

Should I add Salt to Chicken Soup Made for My Baby?

If your baby is not yet 1 year old, do not add salt to chicken soup for your baby. It is only we who think salt is needed for taste. Most important thing we must understand as new mothers is, try to feed all foods without seasoning and flavoring to your baby. Because babies will know and admire the natural tastes of foods and that will make their and your life way easier in future i.e. when they grow up. How? Because they will know that food is tasty even without salt and taste makers and hence kids will eat it happily without being choosy and demanding on adding flavors. So the foundation of it starts at age 6 months!

When can I feed chicken as finger food to my baby?

Chicken as finger food is hard to digest. It must be properly cooked for babies and kids below 2 years old. The chicken finger chips for babies can be fed once they turn 1 year old. Because by then they start chewing food properly and also their digestive system is ready. You can add a pinch of salt to it.

Recipes for the Chicken Soups for Babies

Recipe 1: Simplest Chicken Clear Soup for Babies at age 7-8 months

chicken clear soup for babies in india
This is my personal advice to you try this for first few times before start adding taste makers like onions and garlics etc.
Ingredients: Chicken legs ( Chicken legs because they are tastier and also the bones are healthier)
1. Put Chicken legs in pressure cooker and some water till it just covers the chicken legs.
2. Pressure cook it for 10 mins (3 whistles on low heat). Its better to cook the meat slowly.
3. Open the lid of cooker and let it boil for about 5-10 mins. This way some more chicken will dissolve in the water.
Serve it in bowl, let it cool down
Feed it to baby when warm with a spoon.

Recipe 2: Flavourful Chicken Clear Soup for Babies

chicken soup flavorful
The best flavor for babies is garlic. Not very strong but the light taste of garlic is good. The onion will help in digest of chicken.
Ingredients: Chicken Legs, Onion, Garlic, cumin seeds
1. Sauté cumin, finely chopped onions and garlic in one spoon of non-salted homemade butter in pressure cooker.
2. Add chicken legs. Add water to cover the ingredients
3. Pressure cook for 10 minutes on low heat (i.e. 3 whistles)
4. Stop the heat. Let it cool, open the lid and then again cook it without the lid for about 5 minutes.
5. Add some fresh coriander leaves.
6. Strain the soup. Let it cool and them feed it when its right temperature to feed it your baby.

Recipe 3: Thick Chicken Soup or Chicken Puree for Babies

Follow the same recipe as given above till no. 5.
6. Take out the bones. Add some more (boiled and then cooled) water, blend the soup and cooked chicken till it turns in to smooth paste. We are adding water because we will make it like a thick soup instead of puree or paste. If you think your child will like the puree form then add very litter or no water to the soup.
7. You may want to strain it in case the pieces of cumin and coriander leaves are still seen.

Tips for Making Chicken Soup more Delicious and Healthier

1. Add some vegetables like Carrots, Potatoes, Pumpkin, Green peas, Mushrooms and Spinach etc. to all 3 recipes above to make Chicken Vegetable soups. You should add these vegetables after chicken is half cooked otherwise the vegetables will lose the nutrients because of over cooking.
2. Always use fresh cut chicken instead of frozen chicken.
3. If you want to make it creamier then don’t add Maida/starch add roasted-flour of sprouted-whole-grains Learn here how to make sprouted grain flour for babies. Whenever you want to make any grain dish for your baby always use the home-made sprouted grains flour.
3. Try to feed chicken soup in day time, as the foods taken in day time get better chance for better digestion.

Some More Tips :

1. In very same given ways you can make the fresh fish soup for babies. You will have to cook it in a sauce pan instead of pressure cooker. Use white fresh fish (preferably the river fish and low in mercury, and anyway you will strain it, you can even use the fish with bones.) Know here which fish are safe for babies in India?
2. For easier digestion, feed some fibrous food along with this soup to your baby.
3. You can serve the very same soup to other members in family by adding pepper powder and Salt.

Important Health Benefits of Chicken Soup for babies

1. Chicken soup builds immunity in babies. You can feed the chicken clear soup when baby has common cold and runny nose.
2. Chicken is rich in proteins and also contain healthy fats which help babies put on weight. Know more such Weight Gain Foods for Babies.
If you want to share some more tips to make chicken soup for babies in India, please feel free to leave a comment below


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  1. Avatar

    Can we feed chicken to a 01 yr old kid? Usually, I prefer to give him plain soup with a pinch of salt with no pieces and he loves it. But I was wondering can I add some pieces to it. Will it be good for his digestion? It is really hard to choose what to give and what to not. Kindly, help.

    • Sapana

      You can feed Chicken starting at age 10 months without any worry. you are doing it right way, you can let your child eat the meat pcs but make sure they are properly cooked and small enough so he won’t choke on.

  2. Avatar

    My baby is 08 months old and he is too weak. Is chicken help him to gain weight? Is it safe for him?
    Chicken is rich in fat and protein. I am afraid can a kid of 08 month will be able to handle the high protein and fat diet.

    • Sapana

      Hi Reema,
      A 8 months old baby can have only watery soup for a few weeks at first to prepare the guts for digesting the cooked chicken meat. I have included all the important instructions for feeding the chicken safely to baby.

  3. Avatar

    My baby is 7 months old and i want to start with Chicken soup for him, he started his solids after 5months. Is he ready for chicken soup. once he starts having the soup, when should I feed him the meat? Should soup be without any spices or tempering??

    • Sapana

      Hi Sreemathi,
      I started chicken soup for my babies when they turned 8 months old. You can start with the watery soup as you started the solids after 5months for your baby.
      For the actual meat, Start with the pureed meat soup first (after you give only the boiled chicken soup w/o meat for at least 1 week.)
      I think you should wait till baby turns 8 month to try the pureed soup as the meat is bit difficult to digest.
      You should give the soup without tampering first, so baby develops the interest for natural taste. The tempering/spices surely increase the taste but that’s what we teach our children. To teach them to admire the natural taste of each food, give it in simplest form first then in a few weeks you can add the tempering.
      Once you are sure the baby has developed the digestion system to digest the cooked meat pieces, which should be after baby tunes 10 months, start with small pieces of cooked chicken.

  4. Avatar

    Is chicken must for babies? I belongs to a non-vegetarian family but my in laws don’t eat non-veg. I can’t make it at home. Can you suggest good options apart from chicken? And if chicken is must, can I use market cooked chicken?

    • Sapana

      Chicken is very good for babies but not must. You can feed alternatives to chicken which are protein rich foods to the baby like ahar-Dal soup, chickpeas etc.
      IF you cant make chicken at home then dont feed market/restaurant food to baby, its not at all healthy. Instead request a relative/friend who cooks meat to help you. My cousin has same problem so she feeds meat to her children at her mom’s home or friends place. If Eggs are ok, then give eggs to baby. Only yolk till 1 yr then whole/white of egg after baby is 1 yr old.

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