How to Feed Banana to Your 6 months old Baby?


Ingenious Way to feed Banana to Babies

Banana is one of best baby foods. They are healthy and easy to feed. It is easy to digest and one of least allergen foods.

When Can You Start Feeding Banana to Your Baby?

Ideal age is 6 months old. You can even feed banana as baby’s first food. In some cases where babies suffer from constant common cold then your doctor might suggest you to wait. Hence consult your doctor in case you think your baby might not be ready to have bananas.

Which Type of Banana is Good for Babies

elaichi banana
In India, there are many varieties of Banana available. The type which my kids’ nutritionist recommended me to feed them is the Elaichi Banana (AKA Yelakki Banana or Yellow Dwarf Banana).
They are short in length and have very thin peels. You can buy them at your fruits grocery shop.
One important thing to note is, always try one banana yourself from bunch you buy as sometimes these Elaichi banana are hard in central portion and has a very sticky texture. Avoid feeding bananas which are not soft. Feed only perfectly ripe bananas to your baby else it will not be digested.

Is Banana Good for Babies Everyday

It depends on weather, baby’s health and age of baby. It’s a good idea to consult your doctor to know the answer. I started feeding banana nearly every day to my sons when they turned 1 year old. Also I used to avoid giving bananas when they have cold or cough.

When Not to Feed Banana to your Baby

1. When your baby is having cold or cough
2. If baby cannot digest banana during constipation.

Banana during Loose Motion/Diarrhea

Ripe Bananas are very good during diarrhea as they are bland and gentle and pass easily through baby’s weakened digestive tract.
Another reason to feed Banana during diarrhea is that they are rich in potassium. Potassium is essential to restore the body’s essential stores which are drained during diarrhea.

How to Feed Banana to your 6 months old baby

Before we discuss the best way to feed banana, let us see what should be avoided.
1. Avoid cooking Banana: Heat will degrade the Vitamin C in any fruits. Hence it is better that you avoid cooking banana. Heating may not reduce the potassium contents of banana but heat sensitive nutrients are lost in cooking process.
2. Avoid making banana puree. The blending or straining will make the banana too sticky and baby may not like the sticky texture of it.
Now lets see what is the easiest and healthiest way to feed a banana to your baby.
1. Peel the banana to half and smash the top of banana with a steel fork. Push just one bite portion.
mash the top of banana
2. Feed the mashed portion which is a single bite size to baby while holding the half peeled banana.
mashed banana for baby
3. Repeat the process and let baby enjoy eating banana in most natural way.
4. When baby is taking mashed part in mouth, take care that baby doesn’t eat the harder banana exactly below mashed portion which is not mashed.
5. This way you can feed banana wherever you want, e.g. while traveling, in his baby stroller or in a garden etc.
6. Feeding food in such way helps in baby-led-weaning. It is not only important what you feed your baby but also how you feed it. Right?

Health Benefits of Banana for Babies

1. Most important benefit is it helps increase baby’s body weight
2. Energy Booster: Banana is a sport food. It will keep your baby active for the whole day. The natural sweet taste will help satisfy baby’s taste buds.
3. Banana is rich in Potassium which makes baby’s bones stronger and hence will help in physical growth.
4. Potassium also boosts blood circulation which helps in brain development.
5. Friend of baby’s stomach. Banana will keep your baby’s stomach healthy and avoid loose motions.
So to get all these benefits for your baby, feed banana in interesting and healthy way to your baby. Babies love natural taste of banana, Do not try to enhance it with cooking/baking or flavoring.


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  1. Avatar

    I have heard that banana is a complete diet for a baby. Is that true? My kid is 02 yrs old and doesn’t like the mashed banana. I usually add milk to it. Sometimes I add vanilla Yogurt or avocado. Is the process I am using right and healthy for him?

    • Sapana

      Banana with Milk, Yogurt and Avocado is also just perfect. But as your child is already 2 years old, try to feed him regular meals like we adults eat. a 2 yrs old child should eat like adults just that it must be non-spicy.

  2. Avatar

    Great food for baby 🙂 Bananas is rich in nutrients such as potassium, calcium, magnesium phosphorous, sulfur, iron and copper. I think this is an indispensable food in baby’s menu

  3. Avatar

    My baby is 08 months old and doesn’t like banana. Can you suggest some good banana recipes apart from banana shake? I have tried shake but he avoided.

    • Sapana

      Hi there,
      Banana shake becomes sticky and that texture is not liked by the kids. Try to feed the foods in natural forms as much as possible. Because you should teach your child to admire the natural taste of the food that he will not be a fussy eater when grown up.
      Some Banana recipes:
      Banana Suji Halwa: Make suji halwa at end add the ripen mashed banana, fry and mix with the cooked suji thoroughly.
      Banana Oats: Banana with Oatmeals
      Banana Yogurt: Mash banana with fork and add creamy yogurt. Yogurt fruit salad.
      Please do not add Sugar / Salt to baby’s food. It is to be avoided till age 1 year.

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