How to Burp a Baby?


Best Way to Burp Your Baby

Babies make you do funny things. Burping baby is one of them. Now let us learn this art too! Every time you breastfeed/bottle feed your little one, you must make baby burp after finishing feeding. If you find your newborn baby somewhat fussy then there are chances you missed burping her. The best time to learn techniques of burping baby is just after delivery at hospital. Ask your nurse to help and teach you the techniques of burping new born.

Newborn Burping Techniques

There are a few techniques to burp your baby, but mainly 2 and only one best and safest of them. Don’t give up if you can’t get a burping reaction from your baby within the first few minutes.

Method 1 : Holding baby on shoulder

This is most recommended method of burping.
Step 1) Put a burping cloth on your shoulder. Hold your baby above your chest so that his or her chin rests on your shoulder.
Step 2) Then use one hand to offer support to her body and use your other hand to pat gently on the back. There should be no gap between baby’s tummy and your body. Some gentle pressure must be there on baby’s stomach.
Step 3) Now start patting baby’s back from lower part of back to upper towards neck in a straight line. Do not pat strongly. In second round, rub the back from in same direction. Again pat-pat and rub round. This way baby doesn’t feel irritation with continuous patting and rubbing also helps getting air out. (This is the secret tip I learned from nurses at my younger son’s delivery hospital)
Alternatively, you can also hold your baby a little farther up your shoulder in such a way that your shoulder creates a light pressure on his/her belly. This can gently coax your baby to burp and find quick relief. But please be careful with baby’s neck the new born needs support on her neck.

Method 2 : Lay Baby’s Tummy on your Lap

Step 1) Lay your baby gently across your laps in a way that he/she faces away from you and one lap is exact below the baby’s stomach putting gentle pressure up on it.
Step 2) Hold baby’s chin and jaw if baby cannot hold her neck now rub or pat on the back gently with the other hand. You can also keep a cloth ready with this method in case your baby spits.

Avoid this method of burping for new borns

Many people put baby in normal sitting position to make her burp. But it is not recommended for new born babies. Their bones are not yet ready for that position and it can put wrong pressure on baby’s back bone.

Why is my Baby Colic?

Most of new born babies cry. That’s what they love! The new mother keeps on wondering what happened to her baby. There could be any of the many reasons of colic. One of very common reason of colic is the gas problem that you might need to attend. When air gets trapped inside your baby’s stomach, it can make your baby uncomfortable. This is the reason behind burping a baby. Burping a baby releases the air through the mouth. Burping a baby is something that you cannot skip and so it is advisable that you learn the safe techniques of inducing such gentle release of airs. Burping has also been proven beneficial for babies who exhibit symptoms of gastro-esophageal reflux disease.

When to Burp your Baby?

You should burp your baby after every breastfeeding session, even if it is at night, even if it was just a 5 mins breastfeeding. This regular burping is needed for babies who do not turn their tummy yet. The reason is quite obvious, the baby cannot burp herself. She needs your help. When your baby will start to turn over on her tummy the gas will be released on its own.
If you find your baby is squirmy or uncomfortable while feeding, tending to pull away or starting to cry, then you need to try burping your baby.

When to Stop Burping a Baby

It is not compulsory that every baby burp loudly after feeding. You sometimes will observe that the burp was not noticeable. If baby doesn’t burp quickly then continue the efforts for minimum 10-15 mins. That is what most of doctors recommend.

Burping a Baby at Night

My babies’ doctor always insisted on burping even if baby falls asleep during feeding. But you might hear different opinions by different experts. So listen to your doctor and your baby. If you see baby is comfortable not burping after feeding in night then maybe there is no need. But in my opinion never skip to burp the baby.
As mentioned before most babies outgrow their need to burp by the time they are 4-6 months old. They stop swallowing much air by becoming efficient eaters. Burping a baby is an art and a tiring task too, some baby burp quickly some take 10 mins also. But it is just for first 4-5 months so learn this art for your little one!


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    I ask my husband to help in burping our baby. He has quite mastered the skills. Will share these tips with him 😉

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